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Giving New Meaning to Green

Towards the green world for all in which we all long to live in and play our part.

Welcome to the preface of An Earthen Ethic Medium Series! The Earth has greened the planet — why can’t we? In the next dozen installments we’ll dive deep into a new ethical theory of green.
If we haven’t made substantial changes to our principles and values, how can the direction of our technologies have changed? Photo: Canadian Recycling Facility. Read my first hand account on the recycling industry.
The ideas of the author are significantly inspired by the Ayyew ecological ethos of the Igorot indigenous people of the Northern Philippines. See the essay ‘1000 years pollution free’

NEXT: That Green World for All

This was the first installment of An Earthen Ethics. Be sure to follow me to receive the unfolding series.

Full list of of installments:



A deep dive into what it really means to be green.

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Russell Maier → Green ethics, ecological metaphysics, regenerative philosophy. Earth builder & Forest Gardener.