The Best Time for the EVs is NOW!

Rushi Shenghani
May 5, 2020 · Unlisted
An Electric Motorcycle charging from a typical Level 2 AC Wall Charger

Electrified Greetings from Earth Energy EV!

It’s been a rough couple of months for the Indian Economy and everyone is feeling the brunt of the same.
Just like every Indian we have always and will bounce back.

We see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel and here is our take on why the Best time for the EV Ecosystem is just starting!

1. Death to all the Dumb Assemblers with little or no RnD/Technological Prowess! → Uncluttered EV Market with Quality Products and better price margins!

The Supply chain disruption of the Automotive Supply chain from China will prove to be a true test of the Localisation levels of the Manufacturers.

OEMs like us have invested our Time and Resources to innovate and develop reliable technologies and hence look forward to the times ahead.

We have always believed that Its best to compete with the Technology enabled EV Companies as opposed to mere dumb so-called Electric Scooter Companies(Assemblers).

The Coming scenario will encourage Competent OEMs like us to focus on providing innovative and quality offerings to the consumers with an assurance that there will be the right price being paid for the best.

2. Faster Homologation & Quick State and regional RTO Approvals. → Faster RnD/Development to On-Road Time!

The Load has been completely lifted off the certifying agencies as the traditional OEMs and Dumb EV Assemblers are running hither & tehter to find an alternative to Chinese Suppliers and they just can't find enough quality to introduce in the market.

True Indian Technology will shine bright in the scenario. The State Transport Ministry and Regional RTOs have always been helpful and the extra time at their disposal makes them ultra-efficient.

A recent quotation for one of our EV Component Homologation showed as much as a 15% reduction in the Invoice value for the same test quoted a year ago.

3. Excellent Public Sentiments → Successful Market Launches and Great sales!

The Public perspective towards the EVs has drastically improved on the positive side as the clearer skies and cleaner air are hard to miss.

Numerous surveys have pointed out the Reduction in the Petrol Vehicles off the roads as one of the major factors responsible for the improved conditions.

4. Government Support → Subsidies and Lucrative Total Ownership Costs for the consumers!

The Sentiments of our Hon. Road & Transport Minister has been exceptionally optimistic in recent times. The policies being set out to support high-speed vehicles and curbing the subsidies off of the low-speed vehicles is proof of the extraordinary planning running in the backdrop.

China is the biggest EV Market in the world. But this happened only after the government started incentivising the High Speed EVs as opposed to the Low Speed Vehicles.

We at Earth Energy Electric Vehicles are ultra excited for the times to come!

I hope this Piece of thought has made you more excited than before for the best to come in the Indian EV Landscape.


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