“This is the last generation that can save the world.” — F. Hollande @ Paris UN Climate Summit, last October


Planet Earth, 2016:

Apr 3, 2016 · 5 min read

The world and humanity are in great danger.

You are in great danger. And the worst thing about it is, you don’t even know why.


Let’s rewind back to 1972.

“The Limits to Growth”, UN-commissioned MIT report to the Club of Rome:

The most probable result will be a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity.”

In other words:





The report continues:

The state of global equilibrium could be designed so that the basic material needs of each person on earth are satisfied and each person has an equal opportunity to realize his individual human potential.

If the world’s people decide to strive for this second outcome, the sooner they begin working to attain it, the greater their chances of success.”

In short, we have one last alternative:



The UN knew. Why was the truth so slow to come out?

The establishment didn’t think humanity was ready for it, and decided the people had to be managed in the usual way:

by fear and deception.

The New World Order was conceived in those years with the goal of establishing an eco-fascist world government after a cleverly staged planetary crisis.

Meanwhile, the UN agencies would coordinate a Global Depopulation Agenda trying to slow down population growth worldwide in the most efficient and least noticeable way possible.

For the shortcut to succeed, absolute secrecy was paramount.


Although not all went along the NWO’s plan:

In their suburban garages at the periphery of mass consumption society, a generation with a new kind of genius came up with an invention that set of to change the world faster than anything ever seen before:

The Internet has since become a global network with billions of users accessing it regularly via PCs and mobile devices, each of them connected to the world wide web with cables or wi-fi antennas.

Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, GNU project

Especially since the Internet 2.0 open-source revolution at the turn of the millennium, it’s becoming clear the internet is impacting our society in 2 ways:

  1. By allowing improved structural transparency and openly-distributed access to data and knowledge.
  2. By facilitating enhanced human interaction, cooperation and organization of events, campaign, focus groups, etc.

With its decentralized network structure, the Internet 2.0 is the magic tool everyone was waiting for to enable a worldwide transition to a new socio-economic model.


Everyone knows how hard it can get to back away from a lie once it’s said. Those involved in the Depopulation Agenda couldn’t just admit their mistake. And since the Internet could not be censored as traditional mass media, they adopted a new strategy: flooding the web with Disinformation (false information which is intended to mislead the public opinion).

A massive surveillance program was set up by the authorities to prevent the truth from leaking online. After decades of information war waged against its own unaware population, the result is that the big picture is blurred behind a veil of lies, and beyond the reach of the common internet user.

We simply cannot trust any authority any longer:

The national governments, inefficient and corrupt; the multi-national corporations, with their news channels full of ads and boobs; the traditional religions, whose leaders are morally reproachable; the scientific community, largely driven by corporate or military money that suffocates honest research; and even the alternative media, which is also largely owned by the NWO, as in the case of many so-called rebel groups and conspiracy theorists.


Awake is a social network of people who want to seek the truth, and then act on it to change the world for good.

Aaron Swartz

An investigative strike-team, taking up the most important issues in the world, uncovering the truth, and pushing for reform.”

Awake Campaign Process
  1. The IT guys will create and maintain a network we can all rely on.
  2. The scientific and ethical communities will research the truth and help define the common good.
  3. The media section will spread the word to leave no one behind.
  4. And the lawyers and political activists will act on it to change the system from within.

After timing, the most important thing to be successful is teamwork, since

“So, let’s stop passing the buck by doing our own little jobs, unable to see the big picture.

Let’s decide that our job is to fight for the good in the world. I’d like to see everyone of us go to work on that.”

Aaron Swartz, 1986–2013

It’s your call… Join the awakening!

You’re welcome to:

  • write your comments, thoughts, insights.
  • share on social media
  • contact me at fede9niko@gmail.com

Earth’s Twilight

Ernesto Balducci, Essay on the World Transition, 1991 [Translation and editing by WOHD]


Written by



Earth’s Twilight

Ernesto Balducci, Essay on the World Transition, 1991 [Translation and editing by WOHD]

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