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Earth’s Twilight — Chapter 10.1

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was only 25 when, in his Letter to Ruge, he explains the true intent of his critique of capitalism: a “reform of conscience not through dogmas, but by analyzing the mystical conscience that is unintelligible to itself, whether it manifests itself in a religious or a political form.

It will then become evident that the world has long dreamed of possessing something of which it has only to be conscious, in order to possess it in reality.”

The greatness of Marx stands in dedicating his life to the fulfillment of humanity’s dream; his limit is a conscience not yet able to translate the dream in its entirety, still prisoner of the shortsighted cultural horizon of the bourgeoisie. Marx tried to unite humanity using rational analysis, the same tool that led to the rise and fall of this civilization. What was necessary, for the human conscience to complete its cycle of transformation, was to live through the last, stormy chapter of the modern era and, poking its head outside the old cultural cage, look back to see its whole suffering body, still trapped behind the bars, too addicted to its condition of captivity to gather the energies and move on.


After the fall of the Soviet Union, in the last decade of the 20th century, many had the distinct impression that history was over. The unconditional surrender of one of the two ideological alternatives was depriving history of its main antithesis, thus arresting its propulsive dialectic. The Cold War had seen the planet divided in two parts, colors, areas of influence. Both claimed to represent the absolute future of Humanity and appeased — through symbolic transfiguration and propaganda — the people’s urge for transcendence in the age of secularization. The ideals of Freedom, Justice and Equality that inspired first the european and then the world revolutions had found, for millions of people, precise geo-political references. The Promised Land had been a project well under construction, on both sides of Yalta, and this tension towards the historical absolute granted to every individual an ethical dimension in which to find meaning and inspiration for the everyday life.

What is left of our dream?


After the crumbling of the wall, it seemed fading away under the glittering lights of the show business. Once again in the West — that portion of humanity for which, in the last couple of centuries, the hope of a better world had ceased to be destined exclusively to the after-life and had dared to project itself in the historical future — dedication and care for the world’s future became a naively old-fashioned habit.

Once again, as Max Weber was already witnessing in the 1920’s, the western public in the 90’s entered a phase of disillusionment and apathy towards the universal values, and started seeking refuge either in some kind of new age spiritualism or in the immediate satisfaction of the mundane pleasures.

The October Revolution had inaugurated a long parenthesis in the disillusionment, precipitating in the living flesh of history the metaphysical struggle between good and evil. We finally realized that we were dealing with a false alternative only when, quite of a sudden, the alternative ceased to exist.

The death of last ideological struggle and thus of every possible dream of historical transcendence paved the road to the triumph of the ‘here and now’.

Humanity was then left stuck in a present limbo with no viable ethical connections to the past and to the future, folded on itself, tormented by a hyper-fragmented subjectivity with no universal destinations.

History was really over, and with it, its old dream.

The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige

“The world is a prison for the believers and a paradise for the disbelievers.”


Let’s say out loud that history was one big lie!

Founded on false premises, imposed by violence, perpetuated by selling illusions of transcendence.

‘History’ was a story written by the ruling elites of this civilization for the double purpose of controlling their citizens and expanding their empire.

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum….”

Noam Chomsky

Since the very beginning, the elites used the same strategy: Divide et ImperaDivide and Rule. The trick, which we will refer to as the Prestige, is made up of different 4 stages:

1. Separate two subjects and tell them contradicting versions of the same lie. Give both of them money and assistance.

2. Create structural economic stress in order to destabilize both subjects while supporting any kind of disruptive fundamentalist movement.

3. Put one subject against the other. Let one be defeated, but not mortally.

4. Wait one generation, change names and start again.

Men vs Women, White vs Blacks, Christians vs Muslims, Capitalists vs Proletarians, Rich vs Poor:


generations and generations of humans were tricked into a self-perpetuating struggle against each other, a rat race going in circles with the rules fixed in advance by some invisible referee (the State, the Bank) monopolizing the fluxes of resources.

At every turn a revolution, and then back to the start box.

Within the modern national state — the acclaimed model of constitutional democracy — a fundamental value was Equality. Marx had already pointed out, in open contrast with Hegel, how this equality was purely formal and wouldn’t really deal with the social issue of class inequality. He then went on to demonstrate the effective instrumentality of the State-complex in relation to the real economical power, which has no borders but uses the national borders as a tool for its global game: the “Free” Market.

Dutch East India Company

The theory and the practice around the concept of equality in the bourgeoisie state have a specific date and place of birth: they were born in the 17th century in the English and Dutch financial circles, where the equivalence of every citizen in front of the law — regardless of their social class or political opinion — emerged as a common advantage in the commercial relationships:

“As long as you pay, I won’t ask you who you are”.

Bank of England

With the invention of credit (banknotes), the financial groups engaged in an alliance with the British Empire, the main political power at the time, a partnership based on a mutual exchange of favors: they would borrow them capital and receive from the state military protection and legitimacy. Later, the same financial complex expanded overseas on the main British colony: America. The rest, as we used to say, is history. From its privileged perspective on the other side of the Atlantic, in the 20th Century the financial complex proceeded to perform the prestige on Eurasia and the entire World:

Stalin and Hitler
  1. Divide Europe (WW1), tell them different versions of the lie: capitalism and communism.

2. Create deliberate economical stress (Great depression), incentive social unrest and fundamentalisms (rise of fascisms, WW2).

3. Put one against the other (Cold War), then let one be defeated (fall of the USSR).

4. Wait a generation, change names and…

Start again? Probably the rulers really think humanity is going to fall once more in their trick.

But even they realize how this time is different.

The success of the prestige lied in the ability of the illusionist separate the two subjects, cut their communications, thus preventing them to realize how they had been dealing with the same person. The State (Communist International) and the individuals involved in it had to truly believe to be in open competition against The Bank (US Federal Reserve), while, in secret, the illusionist had created and was directing both.

Kissinger and Nixon

When the State crumbled on itself, showing to be clearly unable to deal with the emerging global issues (Internet, Sustainability, Security), its alter ego the Bank was left dangerously exposed. The logical step was the creation of a ‘new’ world order founded on an international federation of states (The United Nations) and a global financial entity (World Bank, BIS).

Again, the trick needed some struggle to light up.

The Enemy within

According to a renown theory by Carl Schmitt, the concept of enemy, in the sense of Hostis, is so essentially tied to that of State to render completely unreasonable the project of a World State, since its impossibility of finding an enemy.

…Unless, humanity could be convinced of being its own enemy!

History could then be frozen in a perpetual struggle (humanity vs itself) with the usual elites hiding somewhere in the shadows, perhaps on another planet…

Population Growth

One of the most evident factors of the unsustainability of the present human civilization is the staggering demographic growth of the last Century: Human population multiplied 6 fold, passing from a billion individuals to over 6 billions in only one hundred years.

The stress imposed on the environment by our growing number is under the eyes of everyone. Again, the obvious logical consequence is to focus your efforts on this variable: reduce the population, relieve the systemic stress.

But how?

The modern standards of hygiene and healthcare make it very unlikely for a natural epidemic virus to spread even in densely populated areas. On the other hand, direct state control on the births is definitely not an option in the West and in most of the World.

Figure 4–11 Scenario 1: the Reference model in the Limits to Growth report by the Club of Rome, 1972

After the data brought in by the Club of Rome became public — in collaboration with some key elements of the World Health Organization — the elites covertly started planning a strategy to achieve controlled, large-scale human depopulation without alarming the public opinion.

Global Warming

First they came up with a cover-up story: global warming. The idea of linking climate change with the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is very subtle: Carbon Dioxide is the main exhaust product of animal life (and the main fuel for plants). To pass such an equation in the mainstream media would lead the people to subconsciously identify the environmental problem with the demographic problem:

more animals (humans) > more CO2 emissions > more global warming =

less animals (humans) > less CO2 > less global warming.

In order to back this theory a lot of scientific data was fabricated ad hoc, and a lot of effort was put into silencing any divergent view.

Al Gore — An Inconvenient Truth

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.

– Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations

HIV Virus

For the practical part, a wide range of experiments had already been running — top secret — during the Cold War. They most successful areas of research resulted to be medical/bioengineering, electro-magnetism and radioactive fallout.

  1. Medical/Bioengineering: Chemical additives (Fluoride, Endocrine Disruptors) in the food and water supply, adulterated vaccines, AIDS and Ebola viruses, GMOs, etc.

2. Electro-magnetism: project Haarp ( (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program),Wi-Fi networks and Geoengineering weapons (Tsunami Bombs, Artificial earthquakes, Chemtrails).

3. Radioactive fallout: Chernobyl, Fukushima.

Fukushima-Daichi nuclear disaster, 2011

It’s very likely that until the very last second the elites will indeed try — while setting up the stage for a last, conventional performance of the prestige — to carry out their Final Solution:

a Global Depopulation Agenda,

using one or even all those instruments combined.

I understand these accusations are grave and I take responsibility for speaking out the results of my research. By no means my intentions are to give account for every problem of this world to the conspiracy of this not-so mysterious elite. By no means I’m suggesting that by fighting this elite the world problems could be solved (even if we do have to expose the truth). ‘They’ are not our enemies.

The enemy is really within ourselves.

The AlterNative Way


The enemy in Us, that no weapon or law will ever be able to defeat, is that civilized tendency of imprisoning our native web of mutual interdependence within our kind and Nature, with the cultural set of laws that regulated the first cities, that incentives competition and sanctions the legitimacy of power relationships between ourselves and towards the living environment, as if Nature was some object to possess.

“To have” as opposed to “Being”.

With the scientific revolution — as we noted in Chapter 5 — the Will to Power moved into the sphere of the rational brain, which proceeded to reduce the world to measurable quantities so that man could predict and control it. With the industrial revolution nature became an expendable resource with a price tag, setting the consumerist trend that ended up to compromise, in just a couple of centuries, the psycho-physical well-being of the human societies.

With the Nuclear and biotech revolutions, the human civilization suddenly realized to be an urgent threat to itself and to the whole biosphere, a revealing insight of the utter stupidity of its own habit.

The only alternative to mass extinction scenarios or even worst Hollywood’s dystopias is a definitive surrender of this bad habit, through a conscious process of collective detox and rehab that could last for a few decades:

..a World Transition!

Earth’s Twilight

Ernesto Balducci, Essay on the World Transition, 1991 [Translation and editing by WOHD]


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Earth’s Twilight

Ernesto Balducci, Essay on the World Transition, 1991 [Translation and editing by WOHD]

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