The Essential Guide to Alt-News Activism

This article is not for everybody. My goal here is to reach a specific kind of people, and get them to work together.

To start with, I’m writing for those who realize that something is wrong with this world. That we’re living in dangerous times. If your primary concern is your team’s next football game, or the latest make-up fashion, please fuck off now.

Second, I’m talking to those of you who actually care for your fellow human beings and the planet we live in, and are willing to do what it takes to make things right. If you don’t give a damn, or if you think we’re already screwed and everything is pointless, please go whine somewhere else.

Third — and this gets a bit trickier —I’m speaking to those who gave up their blind faith in the established authority, be it government, religion or corporate media, and have awakened to the bitter truth that they are all lying to us.

I understand this is a big shock for many, since it turns your world upside down and makes yourself deeply uncomfortable. And yet, if you’re not ready to leave your comfort zone and question your own beliefs, you won’t be able to embark upon this journey.

Congratulations if you made it this far! It means you have retained at least part of the integrity of a thinking brain no matter the heavy doses of brainwashing and peer pressure we’ve all been exposed to since we’re born. It means there’s still hope for humanity, and it is for you that I’m writing this guide.

I begin by saying that you’re not alone. We are many, and many more are waking up to the truth every day. More than half of the world population has finally lost trust in the mainstream narrative, and is looking for alternatives. In recent years, the spread of web-based technologies aided a massive spread of counter-culture blogs, vigilant citizen networks and social media activism.

Occupy Wall St.

First the explosion of the Arab Spring, with popular demonstrations upturning a number of regimes throughout the Middle East, then the Occupy Movement in late 2011, targeting social and economic inequality worldwide, marked the beginning of a new era of social unrest. Even if those initial protests eventually faded away, the rise of the so-called Fifth Estate and its impact on the public opinion was unstoppable. A new climax was reached last month, when republican candidate Donald Trump was elected as 45th President of the United States of America after openly exposing “a small handful of global special interests rigging the system”.

(10/13/2016) Trump Florida Speech

The Deep State or ‘New World Order’ conspiracy theory is not a new one: already back in the 1930’s, none-less than Adolf Hitler was ranting against the global financiers running western democracies behind the scene , “a small, ruthless international clique that is turning the people against each other, that does not want them to have peace”. Some decades later it was the turn of John F. Kennedy, who uncovered “a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence”, and while some people argued he was only referring to ‘Communism’, others suspected an allusion to something much larger. Since then, anyone talking about the NWO was appointed with the derogatory label of “conspiracy theorist”, and ridiculed by the mainstream media.

But the “conspiracy” meme became immensely popular, and the internet became full of all sorts of conspiracy theories, ranging from alien bloodlines to sophisticated mind-control schemes, with 50% of Americans citizens reportedly believing in at least one of them.

The underlying assumption is the existence of a secret agenda, perpetrated by an all-powerful minority against the rest of the population, in order to achieve absolute world domination.
NWO Power Pyramid

What to make of it all?

Is it for real, or it’s just “another crazy conspiracy theory”?

The hardest thing for an alternative media activist today is how to dig out the fragments of truth scattered in a sea of bullshit. If this famous NWO actually exists, and even if it is only 10% as powerful and organized as some people claim, it has surely seen this coming and ain’t standing still. Alternative news is a direct threat to the establishment’s monopoly on information, and since good old censorship just doesn’t work on the web, the elites have updated their game.

Their new strategy is called Disinformation.

Defined as “the dissemination of false information with the intention to deceive public opinion”, disinformation is designed to manipulate audiences at the rational level either by discrediting conflicting information or by supporting false conclusions. “Common tactics are to mix some true observations with some false conclusions, or to reveal part of the truth while presenting it as the whole. Since online information channels cannot be completely closed, they are rendered useless by flooding them with disinformation, effectively lowering their signal-to-noise-ratio and discrediting the opposition by association with many easily disproved false claims.”
Agent Smith — The Matrix

As exposed back in 2013, a secret mass-surveillance program has long been set up by government agencies to prevent the truth from leaking online. With plan A failing quite miserably, plan B quickly came into play, with armies of state-sponsored hackers, trolls and social media influencers waging an all-out information war on the free internet, in order to undermine its credibility.

The result is a big mess. The major victim is truth, hidden under a thick fog of lies and hysteria. People feel angry, betrayed, confused. And this is the ideal scenario for wannabe dictators, who inevitably profit from the mayhem and impose themselves with populist rhetoric.

“This is the most dangerous time in human history” —
Stephen Hawking

warned a famous scientist only a few days ago, commenting on the US election and the anti-establishment wave riding across Europe. The majority of people are sick of the status quo and feel they have been “abandoned by their leaders,” — wrote the renowned physicist — and this comes at a time when, more than ever, “our species needs to work together”, to save ourselves and our planet from an otherwise inevitable catastrophe.

Nice words. But will the elites follow his advice and learn from the lessons of the past year? Will they change their methods and stop treating us like cattle? Will they stop lying and start speaking the truth, drop their privileges and help us reorganize to make the world a better place?

For now, it’s hard to believe them. Some people even argue this whole crisis is really a cleverly staged set-up, designed by the elites themselves, to make us surrender our last freedoms as individuals and communities, and finally establish an eco-fascist global government.

1984 — George Orwell

So far, their official reaction was to blame all the fault on the alternative media, in their words responsible for spreading “fake news” and “Russian propaganda”. Some mainstream media outlets in the US went so far as to advocate for the creation of a “Ministry of Truth”, managed by themselves and enforced by Google, Facebook and other internet providers. Once these pro-government outlets decide what the acceptable “truth” is, questioning that narrative would immediately earn you an expulsion from the net community, with your content either eliminated via algorithms from the major search engines or selectively marked down to warn readers not to believe what you say, a creepy Star of David for the Internet age.

All of this is clearly unacceptable. It represents an outrageous offense against the universal human right of free-speech and it will only backfire by increasing popular mistrust in the state-sponsored media. In fact, it strikes as a rather desperate move.

Star Wars — The Force Awakens

Meanwhile the Alternative News tide continues to gather momentum and looks unstoppable. The internet miracle is happening under our own eyes , manifesting as a gradual but sturdy process of mass-awakening. With fits and starts, a grassroots ‘truth movement’ has emerged worldwide and it is now hijacking the establishment’s propaganda machine, disrupting their grand plans, or what is left of them.

UN’s Global Depopulation Agenda

It’s essential for every Alt-news activist to understand the globalist’s plans, and to do so we must learn to think like they do. A decisive effort came with the groundbreaking research by Kevin M. Galalae, who exposes in detail a very realistic ‘Global Depopulation Agenda’, conceived by the UN in 1945 after the end of WW2 and since then

“pursued by stealth and deception via covert chemical, biological and bacteriological low-intensity warfare against human fertility and via overt psychosocial and economic methods that subvert the family structure, so as to bring down the total fertility rate of every country on earth to replacement level, thus to two children per woman, and to delay family formation and usurp its viability, the end effect being fewer families and fewer children.
To wage this covert war of attrition, intended to halt population growth and then gradually reverse it, governments throughout the world cooperate with each other and with the UN and its agencies and have turned the basic elements of life — water, food, beverages, and most recently air — into weapons of mass sterility and mass morbidity, doing irreversible damage to the human genome by degrading the genetic and intellectual endowment of mankind, which took nature millions of years to perfect.
To accomplish this engineered genocide, which is meant to rescue mankind from itself, national governments and the international community have set themselves above the law, have bypassed democratic processes, have turned all institutions of state upside down and inside out and have amassed a silent arsenal of weapons of mass destruction that includes endocrine disruptors (fluoride, BPA, artificial sweeteners), vaccines, GMOs, and chemtrails.
For all intents and purposes, the entire governing structure has assumed the role of enemy of mankind. Our leadership has done this because only man can stop man; our species being in a position of unchallenged dominance on Earth. Through mutual coercion mutually agreed upon, the elites have locked themselves (and all national institutions and international organizations they command) in common cause, the cause of genocide.
The paradox is that had they not done this since 1945 our planet would have already been destroyed. For better or worse they have saved humanity from nuclear annihilation, mass starvation, and environmental devastation. But if allowed to continue they will bring to an end the perpetuation of the species and will have saved the planet by terminating all but their own genetic lineages.
Why they have proceeded in secret, by what means and to what effect I expose and describe in some detail in my written and visual work, which is freely available online and with which every human being on the planet must familiarize himself or herself if we are to change course; if we are to force our leaders to abandon all covert methods of depopulation and place the burden of responsibility on our shoulders, the shoulders of every man and woman, so that we can restrict our own reproductive rights safely, justly, and freely.
While I succeeded in putting an end to the secrecy, at a terrible cost to me and my family, only together can we put an end to the genocide and to the insanity that imprisons our kind.”
Galalae in Rome during his hungerstrike

Galalae is able to connect the dots and give us a reasonable and convincing explanation of why on earth are the global governments waging war against their own populations, uncovering where all this incredible conspiracy hysteria is really coming from. His findings are more of something like a tangible proof we can bring the UN lobbies to court with.

It’s time for us of the Truth and Freedom Movement to overcome the past ideological divisions and unite in Reason and Conscience as the last standing systemic alternative to the inhuman genocide perpetrated against our species and against nature by our own social institutions.

We must stop thinking as a fragmented opposition party and start looking at the whole picture. Come up with a constitution, a declaration of intent, a common strategy. We need to synchronize our efforts and lead the way to a new world. As alt-news activists our work is not only to question the mainstream narrative and expose the mistakes of the ruling class, but also to provide a viable alternative solution for everyone on the planet.

United People Organization

A different direction and a new approach to global governance are possible. We must radically transform the creepy coffin of the UN and turn it into a transparent, humane and ecologically conscious United People Organization.

The first step is the creation of a People’s Protection Force, a network of people from all over the world that have awakened to the current planetary emergency, and are united in the effort of providing a viable alternative to the NWO’s inhuman depopulation agenda.

As martyr Aaron Swartz once envisioned, the PPF will act as

“an investigative strike-team, taking up the most important issues in the world, uncovering the truth, and pushing for reform.”

We need a platform that combines the forces of the Internet, (Wikileaks, Wikipedia, the Alt-News community) with social, legal and political activism on the ground. A platform that is robust enough to spot and reject malevolent infiltrations, and simple enough for common people to understand and operate.

The reactionary forces will surely try to distract us from realizing our dream to live in a free and peaceful world. The oldest trick up the oligarchs’ sleeve is their infamous ‘divide and conquer tactics, where they seek to isolate us and put our interest against the others’:


“Right now, technologists insist that they’re building neutral platforms for anyone to find data on any issue. Journalists insist that they’re objective observers of the facts. And political types assume they already know the answers and don’t need to investigate further questions. They’re each in their own silo, unable to see the bigger picture.

But as Swartz reminds us,“Change doesn’t come from thousands of people, all going their separate ways. Change requires bringing people together to work on a common goal.

United People of the World
So, let’s stop passing the buck by and stand up for the Good in the world.”

The People’s Protection Force will be constituted of four integrated sections:

  • Information Technology
  • Science & Ethics
  • Alternative Media
  • Law and Politics
  1. The IT people will develop and maintain a network we can all rely on while providing the raw data and the information leaks.
  2. The scientific and ethical communities will research the truth, publish peer-reviewed publications while helping to define the common good.
  3. The media section will spread the word by organizing a reliable alternative news feed that cuts through the bullshit and disinformation.
  4. And finally the lawyers and political activists will bring the work that emerges from the other sections to the legal and political arena at a national and international level.
P2P Network

Our network will be fully distributed, open source and organized on p2p models. Everything that happens within the network will be transparently recorded and accessible to every member. Even the allocation of specialized roles such as moderators, maintainers, editors or security operatives will be based on internal holoptic mechanisms participated by the entire community, where those with recognized expertise in each field will be asked to make ad hoc decisions on what is acceptable and what’s not.

One of the main issues in making a trusted truth network today is to eliminate the possibility of trolls and fake/multiple accounts that make personal accountability impossible and undermine the credibility of the entire network. Instead of focusing on anonymity as Anonymous does, we want to build a network of real people, with one account per person and full internal transparency. We won’t accept the use of pseudonyms and will require every member to show their real face and location. The governments know this information anyway, and what is really necessary is to create a mutual web of trust between each other. Only so, we can translate the virtual work done online into actions that effect the real world.

The Force’s web-app will be somewhat similar to, with a main index page where people can surf through the current/trending campaigns and contribute with new content. Each member will also have a personal profile page that records every individual contribution, a public wall where other members can write personal references (as in couchsurfing) and a single karma score based on the network’s feedback to your posts (as in reddit).

There will be a set of basic categories of interest:

  • Food & Water Safety
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Psyche
  • Culture & Society
  • Technology
  • Finance

And for each category, there will be a number of starting campaigns, each with a specific hashtag.

  • #gmo
  • #vaccines
  • #geoengineering
  • #pollution
  • #surveillance
  • #disinformation
  • etc.

Each activist could then participate to an existing campaign by producing some related piece and sharing it online, or even create a new campaign and ask for support from other interested members.

An app of this kind would help us share, review and index for easier access the myriad of relevant information that is currently scattered through the web, mostly hidden under a cloud of lies and/or stupidity. And it would help us connect with each other at a whole new level, from organizing workshops, local collectives and political rallies to eventually enter the parliament and reform the judiciary.

To this effect, we un-officially launch a People’s Crowdsourcing Campaign, a call to every human being still capable of thinking freely and with the fate of the world at heart to contribute his/her time and talents to the project.

Let’s turn the tide around, together!

Join the awakening! Become a member of the People’s Protection Force today.

Please contact personally Kevin Mugur Galalae at or myself the author at for more information.