World Community 3

May 26, 2015 · 7 min read

Earth’s Twilight — Chapter 09.3

We: a plural I

Squeezing the Earth

the moment when the ‘I’ encounters another body it recognizes as a subject, as another ‘I’, another world accessible not in terms of possession but of reciprocal openness.

Only then the individual becomes a person: Individuals form societies, persons form communities.

There is a ‘We’ immanent in every ‘I’.

There is an ethereal infrastructure within and all around my subjectivity, an infrastructure of communion from which ‘I’ emerge as a conscious medium of the ‘We’ that in me thinks, and wills, and hopes. The same etymology of the word ‘conscience’ *(from Latin con-scientia) opens a window on this communitarian structure of the ‘I’, in the moment of its ethical apocalypse: the conscience is a co-science, the science of living as a community, of transcending the particular perspectives into a universal convergence.


humanity was quietly preparing the ground for a transition from the

imperialist world order imposed through violence… a free World Community united by love.

Communion of body and spirit

Is Life worth living? Is suicide a crime or a liberation from endless evil?

Children sniffing glue

The hidden message they are sending us is a desperate cry for a convivial existence,

where the ‘word’ may be again the instrument of the world ethos,

voice of the world community where we all belong.

July 2010 Earth’s magnetic field completes a pole reversal
The Holocene is over: The short interglacial summer is finished, and the next 10ky will be a steady downtrend window that will eventually bring us close to a new Glacial Maximum in around 12,000 years from present.
Vostok Temperature Record

Our former perspective is revealed to be upside down, and, as we raise our heads and adjust to the new horizon, we realize we’ve been riding on the crest of an immense time-wave.

“Again, is time for the gods to rise

from where they belong…

and tear down my house..

Again, the twilight becomes a new day,

and again We believe in the World,

and realize a new beginning

from the ashes of our shadows.”

Karoh (maturity) ceremony in Vietnam
Valley at sunrise

the greatness of humanity is of tragical nature since its real conquests stand after, not before its freedom”.

Earth’s Twilight

Ernesto Balducci, Essay on the World Transition, 1991 [Translation and editing by WOHD]


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Earth’s Twilight

Ernesto Balducci, Essay on the World Transition, 1991 [Translation and editing by WOHD]

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