Announcement: impactChoice Acquires DMMB Group to Broaden its Solutions Portfolio for the Natural Asset Exchange & EARTH Token

impactChoice has acquired DMMB Group, a solutions-based integration specialist company operating in the Energy Sector, focused on Micro-Grid solutions, to broaden its supply-side solutions portfolio for EARTH Token and the Natural Asset Exchange

10 November 2017, Mauritius — impactChoice and DMMB Group today announced that DMMB has been acquired by impactChoice. DMMB combines technologies, systems, and solutions from multiple business partners to provide unique solutions in the Micro-Grid space.

“From day one, I viewed impactChoice and their team as an innovative and thought leading force, that possess the capability, intellect and drive to enable mammoth change in the environmental space. At DMMB we are all about adding value and I truly believe that we are only worth what we bring to the table, so it is a great privilege that our projects, networks, and team are now part of this awe-inspiring team” — Dennis Stone — Director: Renewable Energy.

A Micro-grid is a local energy grid with control capability, which means it can disconnect from the traditional electricity grid and operate autonomously on its own using local energy generation in times of crisis like storms or power outages, or for other reasons. A Micro-grid can be powered by distributed generators, batteries, and/or renewable resources like solar panels or waste-to-energy solutions. Depending on how it’s fueled and how its requirements are managed, a Micro-grid might run indefinitely. A Micro-grid connects to the grid at a point of common coupling that maintains voltage at the same level as the main grid unless there is some sort of problem on the grid or other reason to disconnect. A switch can separate the Micro-grid from the main grid automatically or manually, and it then functions as an energy producing island.

“impactChoice has had a long-standing relationship with Dennis Stone and DMMB going back to our launch in 2009, and over the years we have collaborated on a number of diverse projects. Absorbing DMMB into impactChoice is a natural fit which I believe will have a significant impact on the trading volumes across the Natural Asset Exchange. The addition of Dennis Stone to our Board of Directors will most certainly bolster our executive management team, and significantly accelerate our goals in the renewable energy / micro grid space.” — Leonard Harley — Managing Director, impactChoice.

Over the past 36 months, DMMB have been focused on building a substantial and solid sales pipeline with high-energy users, demonstrating a basket of technologies and how they reduce environmental impact whilst making substantial contributions to the bottom line, and are currently in final negotiation stages with multiple Waste to Energy projects as well as large Solar PV projects across a diverse customer base.

impactChoice will launch a token pre-sale of its ERC20 Standard cryptocurrency, EARTH Token (EARTH) on November 17, 2017. The main token sale will commence one week later on November 24. The goal of the project is to combine the strengths of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with years of experience creating Environmental Sustainability Solutions to establish a global Natural Asset Marketplace (Natural Asset Exchange) that removes current barriers to participation in activities that preserve our Environment while providing all stakeholders with tangible assets that appreciate in value as the market matures and grows.

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About DMMB

DMMB Group is a solution-based integration specialist company operating in the Energy Sector with specific focus on Micro-Grid solutions. Combining technologies, systems, and solutions, from multiple business partners to provide unique solutions in the Micro-Grid space.

About impactChoice

impactChoice is a leading provider of environmental sustainability solutions. The impactChoice Natural Asset Exchange blockchain platform and EARTH Token (EARTH) creates a unique opportunity to invigorate the Natural Asset Market and enable all stakeholders in the value chain to participate. Transforming Environmental Sustainability from a financial burden to a business incentive by finally providing all contributors with tangible assets that will appreciate in value as the market grows — allowing the market to grow organically and achieve its massive potential.