EARTH Token Set for Listing on QRYPTOS Exchange on April 19th

The EARTH Token team has entered into an agreement with QUOINE for EARTH Token to be listed on the QRYPTOS exchange and available for trade on April 19th 23:00 JST.

QUOINE is a global FinTech company that provides trading, exchange and next-generation financial services powered by blockchain technology. In June 2017, and after having already run one of the highest volume Bitcoin exchanges in the world by transaction volume, they launched a full digital cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform called QRYPTOS exclusively for cryptocurrency trading in a desktop environment. QUOINE became the first Japanese licensed cryptocurrency exchange to launch an ICO in October 2017 which raised the equivalent of 350K Ethereum in what was known as the QASH Token Sale to fund the growth of the QUOINE LIQUID platform.

This means that EARTH Token holders will be able to deposit, trade, and withdraw EARTH Tokens and any other tokens that are available on the QRYPTOS platform. As with other cryptocurrencies that are listed on popular exchanges, we anticipate vigorous trading activity of the EARTH Token at launch.

Register, Deposit and Withdraw EARTH Tokens on QRYPTOS

Once registered and verified, users will be able to deposit and trade their EARTH Tokens with a group of select cryptocurrencies that are available on the QRYPTOS platform such as the native exchange token QASH along with prominent cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH and ZEC among many others. In order to trade on the QRYPTOS platform, you will first need to register, be verified and approved as a user on their platform.


In your web browser, navigate to the QRYPTOS exchange website,

Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT link which will be in the middle of the page, and also in the top left hand of the page. You will be directed to their signup page where you will need to fill in the registration questions. You will be asked to select an Account Type, either Personal or Corporate, your Email Address, a Secure Password and your full name. You will be able to review your details and agree to the Terms and Conditions and then press Next to register. You will receive an email from Quoine Support to confirm your registration. Once you have confirmed, you will be directed to the Sign In page where you can log into the exchange.

Note that upon successful registration, your account will be in ‘pending’ status. Here, you will be able to deposit EARTH Tokens into your account, and you will be able to trade them with other tokens, however, you will not yet be able to make any withdrawals until you verify your account. Successful verification of your account will then upgrade you to ‘approved’ status. Once approved you will have full access to withdrawals from your account.


You will need to provide the following documents for verification of your ID:

  • ID document: valid national ID or international passport. If you are not living in the country of your nationality, please provide a document that can prove your legal residency.
  • Proof of address: utility bill / bank statement / any official document that is addressed to your name and has your address.

Submitted documents need to be in English /Latin characters.

To upload your documents you will need to be logged in to your QRYPTOS account. Open the Main Menu and click Profile & Verification. You will be able to upload your documents which should be in PDF or image file format. Once you submit your documents, your account will move to ‘documents_submitted’ status. Your documents will be assessed by the QRYPTOS Exchange Compliance Team. This process should take between 3–5 working days. Once your account is verified you will be upgraded to ‘approved’ status and withdrawals will be enabled. If your verification is ‘declined’, you will receive an email with further instructions on document submissions.

Making an EARTH Deposit

Once the EARTH Token is live on the QRYPTOS platform, you will be able to deposit EARTH Tokens into your QRYPTOS trading account.

On the QRYPTOS Dashboard, click Accounts and make sure you have EARTH selected (ticked). Then in the top left-hand corner of the page, click on the Menu Navigation button Ξ that appears to the left of the QRYPTOS logo then click on Deposits. Here you will see the currencies you can deposit in. Click on the EARTH link. You can also get to this page by clicking the WALLETS link on the dashboard and choosing EARTH. Under EARTH DEPOSIT you will be presented with an EARTH address where you can send EARTH Tokens to from your personal wallet. Once you have made your funding transaction, after some confirmations the EARTH Token will appear in your QRYPTOS account and you can begin trading them for other currencies and tokens.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure that you are on the EARTH Deposit page. Please only send EARTH Tokens and no other crypto tokens to the EARTH address provided. Before sending any tokens, always double check that you have correctly copied the whole address correctly and that you are sending to the correct address. Any errors here can result in loss of funds.

Making an EARTH Withdrawal

Your account status will need to be ‘approved’ in order for the withdrawal feature to be activated. If you have not yet verified your ID and verified your account, see the above instructions for Verification. You also need to activate 2-factor authentication (instructions for setting up 2FA here).

When your account is ‘approved’ status, you can navigate to the same page where you made the EARTH Deposit. Here you will also see a Withdrawal Form which will allow you to provide an EARTH Address to withdraw your funds to.

NOTE: You will need to generate an EARTH address using your own wallet software where you hold EARTH Token and where your EARTH Token was distributed.

To complete the Withdraw Form, you will need to provide a valid EARTH Address and fill in the amount you would like to withdraw. Then enter your 2FA Code from your 2FA app and then click on the Submit Withdrawal Request button.

Once you have submitted a withdrawal request, you will receive a confirmation email. You will need to open this email and confirm the withdrawal within 30 minutes. Any withdrawals that are not confirmed by pressing the link in the confirmation email within 30 minutes will be automatically canceled. Once you confirm your withdrawal, your withdrawal will be pending.

All “pending” withdrawals will be put up for processing at 4PM JST daily (weekends excluded) unless otherwise notified. Their status will change from “pending” to “processing” and withdrawal amount will be deducted from your balance. Should there be any holiday that renders the service unavailable, all customers will be notified beforehand.