Review: Japanese Vegetarian Sushi at Blufish Sushi Bistro

Blufish restaurant in Chicago has various branches in Vernon Hills, Glenview, and Park Ridge. I have been to the one in Vernon Hills a couple times, and my experience has been amazing each time. Their aim is to passionately serve a memory. They are committed to using the finest and freshest ingredients and providing outstanding customer service.

I am a vegetarian and am extremely passionate about my food. I like exploring new restaurants and trying out the spreads they have to offer. Below are some of the things I tried:


1. I tried the gyoza, which are pan-fried vegetable dumplings with citrus soy sauce. They are cooked to such perfection that you just cannot stop eating them.

2. I also tried their deep-fried tempura, which are fried carrots, asparagus, sweet potato, and onion. They definitely keep you craving for more.

Main course/Entrée:

1. For the main course, I tried their yakisoba/yakiudon, which are stir-fried mixed vegetable noodles. The sauce served with it is absolutely lip-smacking.

2. I also tried their vegetable combination sushi, which consists of five pieces each of vegetarian nigiri, sweet potato tempura maki, and veggie maki. This is an absolute treat for all sushi lovers.

Drinks — They have an exciting and fresh selection of various cocktails, wines, beers, and sake.

Dessert — They have a separate dessert menu, which has various options, each item more delicious than the last. I tried the one that’s a combination of passion fruit, mango, and raspberry covered with white chocolate. It was absolutely delicious, and I kept on going for more.

I had an amazing experience there, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is fond of food.

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