Solar Blinds? Solar’s Got a New Trick Up Its Sleeve.

Courtesy of Solar Gaps

You heard correctly. Mankind has impressed me once again with how far we can push the limit of renewable technology. This time, I marvel at the company SolarGaps Inc. for utilizing something that most, if not all, commercial and residential properties have — windows.

The idea behind motorized solar-panel blinds seems like a no-brainer once you hear it, but it’s actually a fantastic solution for people who want to install a solar panel but don’t have the roof space for it.

The blinds can be mounted on the outside or inside of the window, with a motorized component to either manually or automatically raise and lower the blinds. The automatic setting has your blinds following the sun’s position throughout the day, which definitely comes in handy if, let’s say, you’re out running errands all day.

With a roughly 25-year lifespan, these blinds can generate 50 to 100 watt hours of electricity per square meter. You can use the electricity generated directly, or store it in a home battery system to use after dark. For those seeking some privacy, these aluminum blinds offer that beautifully, especially if mounted outside. These blinds can also protect your windows from storms, and can still function in severe temperatures — we’re talking anywhere from -40 to 176-plus degrees Fahrenheit. Wow!

And for those who are super app-savvy, these blinds are app-friendly. You can set these bad boys on a set schedule and integrate them with smart home devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, or the Nest thermostat.

As if I wasn’t already sold on investing in some solar panels for my home, this is just an awesome added bonus.

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