Want Healthy Juice, Keurig-Style? Well, Now You Can Have It!

Image Credit: Ars Technica

Procuring a tasty, freshly-pressed juice or smoothie can be a messy feat. It’s not just a matter of fetching your favorite ingredients from the grocery store; you have to clean and prep them, too. Believe it or not, prepping produce can be time-consuming, and there’s the added problem of knowing exactly where and how your produce was farmed in the first place.

Blenders and juicers will get the job done, but what if there was something that skipped those worrisome, time-consuming steps? Today, I’ll be addressing just that. The Juicero is known as “The First Cold-Press & Juicing System of Its Kind.” Instead of cutting your fingers on a paring knife or peeler, now you can enjoy a fresh cup of juice, Keurig-style, by inserting a pouch into the presser and hitting a button.

It’s easy to use, and according to the Juicero site, every drink is guaranteed organic, as all the ingredients are picked from organic-certified farms with no additives or preservatives. Each pouch has a breathable membrane inside to keep everything fresh, but they last only up to 5–7 days inside your fridge, so don’t wait to enjoy them!

Either way, the Juicero provides an awesome and customizable juice experience. You can also select their favorite blends and have them delivered on a weekly basis. You can even schedule which day of the week you want your tasty treats delivered (which would be amazing if more delivery services could do that… ahem… Amazon…), and can edit your order up to 48 hours prior to the delivery. What’s available changes on a seasonal basis, but that won’t get any complaints from me. Personally, I like trying different things when they’re offered, and if drinking something seasonal means less stress for the environment, I’m all for it.

But what’s best about this unique juice service is how thorough the eco-friendly process is from start to finish. On top of selecting organic ingredients, they always try to stick with local farms, too. The pulp left inside the pouch can be reused, eaten, or composted, and the pouch itself is recyclable. An added bonus for me was finding out that their manufacturing facility is LEED Gold-certified, which means that even their process of making the presses and pouches is carbon-neutral.

I’m not here to sell people a super expensive juicer, as the thing does cost $400, and that’s not including the weekly packs. I do, however, like to marvel at unique gadgets. Yes, it is a single-purpose appliance, which means less counter space, but I’m curious to see where this sort of technology will go. Perhaps in the near future, there will be cheaper options for people who want to enjoy some juice, mess-free.

But for now, I’ll have to enjoy juice and smoothies the old-fashioned way, with a blender.



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