100% Fixed APR Staking with PolkaRARE on EasyFi BLEND

Stake $PRARE — Get $PRARE for 60 Days on Ethereum

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3 min readNov 4, 2022


EasyFi is excited to onboard — PolkaRARE — to the EasyFi ecosystem with a Fixed APR Staking Program on the EasyFi App.

We welcome the PolkaRARE community to stake their $PRARE tokens at a whopping 100% FIXED APR on EasyFi Blend — your go-to product for Fixed APR staking opportunities in the DeFi space.

This fixed APR staking program provides the PolkaRARE community & extended DeFi users a 60-Day opportunity to put their token to work on the “$PRARE Native Token Staking Program” on the Blend module on EasyFi.

Still inquisitive on the Fixed APR bit?

You can predict the rewards based on your deposits. Use this blog to calculate your final rewards at the end of the staking duration — https://bit.ly/Calculating-Blend-Yield

Program Summary

Check out the full program summary here:

Speaking on this occasion, EasyFi Founder & CEO, Ankitt Gaur, said,

“We are excited to see the growing popularity for EasyFi Blend’s Fixed APR staking programs as it allows any project to seamlessly configure and start a program offering fixed & predictable rewards to their Community & the extended DeFi space. We are happy that PolkaRARE has selected Blend as their go-to Fixed APR staking platform. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

About PolkaRare

PolkaRare is a web3 economy to create, trade, and discover NFTs. Powered by Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, PolkaRare offers artists a seamless onboarding experience without the need to use Metamask or make contract transactions on their own. PolkaRare provides a range of tools to users to unlock the maximum potential of NFTs. $PRARE is the native token of PolkaRare used for governance, staking rewards, medium of exchange, NFT farming, etc.

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About EasyFi Blend

EasyFi’s Blend is a set of multichain configurable advanced smart contracts that enable a user to earn fixed & predictable rewards on staking a token. The product enables ANY DeFi project to configure a fixed & predictable rewards staking program for their native tokens. EasyFi Blend aims to provide DeFi users a passive incentivization opportunities platform that helps them get more from their stakes with a Fixed APR.

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About EasyFi

EasyFi Network is a universal layer-2 multi-chain money market protocol for digital assets with focus on liquidity sourcing & capital efficiency for structured lending in a non-custodial manner. The Protocol is currently live on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

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EasyFi Network
EasyFi Network

EasyFi Network is a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for Digital Assets. Taking a strong community-oriented governance approach with $EZ