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Introducing Router Protocol; Launch of governance token $ROUTE

A few days back we announced the launch of EasyFi Access — a dedicated platform for EASY holders & users, offering greater access to new #DeFi projects & partners to conceive, build, & execute various staking, farming & incentivization programs with EasyFi.

Easyfi Access is a brand new initiative by Easyfi Network dedicated to the EasyFi community, aimed at providing easier access to multiple yield generating opportunities viz. staking, farming, exclusive allocation programs, etc. Also, EasyFi Access tends to act as a platform for the introduction of new #DeFi projects for accessing readily available #DeFi collaboration, outreach, communities, and multiple growth avenues.

Now, we are thrilled to announce and welcome Router Protocol — an aggregator of cross-chain liquidity — as the 1st project to launch its governance token $ROUTE on EasyFi Access.

EasyFi Access shall go LIVE today i.e. 13th Jan 2021 at 2100 HRS IST/ 1530 HRS UTC with $ROUTE being distributed among the $EASY community through an exclusive allocation program.

Access with Router Protocol

EasyFi Access offers exclusive allocation of Router Protocol tokens — $ROUTE — to its community members as rewards.

EASY holders will be the first, globally, to get the allocation & access to ROUTE tokens at ZERO cost!

Salient Features of ROUTE allocation on Access:

  • Session starts on 13th Jan 2021 at 2100 HRS IST/ 1530 HRS UTC
  • Staking: Users will be able to acquire ROUTE token rewards in return for depositing EASY Tokens in the new Access module on our app.
  • ROUTE Allocation: 50,000 ROUTE tokens are allocated to the Access pool.
  • EASY Hard Cap: The maximum number of EASY that can be accepted for staking is 50,000 EASY only. This hence becomes a First Come First Serve process. The earlier you come, the more you stand a chance to get an allocation of ROUTE!
  • Allocation Ratio: 1:1 which means ONE $Route token shall be allocated against ONE deposited $EASY strictly on a First come First serve basis. So for every EASY a user deposits, an equivalent amount is allocated to the user. E.g 100 EASY deposit = 100 ROUTE allocation.
  • Vesting Period: Deposited EASY shall be staked & vested for 90 days session.
  • Token Release: Once tokens are staked and the session starts both ROUTE & EASY shall be released and available for withdrawal from the day of listing on a per ethereum block basis. , i.e. as a block on the Ethereum blockchain gets created, a proportionate amount of ROUTE and EASY gets unlocked per block from the staking allocation of a user.

Understanding EasyFi Access

Access will bring together new DeFi projects and the community on a common platform where they can “access” each other for mutual growth. It is meant for everyone to avail the current and all future DeFi infrastructure built by EasyFi to reach out to the larger community through the EasyFi protocol.

Here is what this means for all:

  1. Access means exclusive access & perks to $EASY holders for staking their EASY on our platform in the form of better APY% yields, farming tokens of new DeFi projects, and early access to new incentivization opportunities on EasyFi.
  2. New projects will get access to a completely new set of advanced versions of smart contracts for Liquidity Mining, Staking, Yield farming with an intuitive UI/UX
  3. These new contracts will be linked to a completely different module on our App.
  4. The DeFi projects will get a dedicated platform on EasyFi protocol to conceive, build, and execute various community engagement and incentivization programs.
  5. The projects launch their token distribution on EasyFi Access using our already available and future modules on Liquidity token staking, dual farming, and more.
  6. This will help in the initial growth push and token proliferation that every new Defi project needs.

About Router Protocol

Router Protocol is building a critical infrastructure layer that will bridge the movement of liquidity across multiple Layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains. Their infra layer will allow seamless movement of liquidity across chains and also opens up the possibility of routing smart orders too. Router will be starting with building a liquidity transmission bridge between Matic Network and Ethereum and later add to their repertoire of cross-chain bridges. Some other information about Router Protocol are as follows:

To learn more about $EASY and EasyFi, please go through our whitepaper and other articles on this publication.

Stay tuned for more news & updates on our Telegram channel and join the official group. You can also follow us on Twitter.



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