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EasyFi Blend Presents 90 Days Fixed Staking Program for Rigel Protocol

Stake RGP — Earn RGP at 48% FIXED APR on Binance Smart Chain

90-Day Fixed APR Staking Program for RGP on BSC

Check out the full program summary here:

Let’s Understand BLEND…

EasyFi Blend is a product from EasyFi Network that has been developed by blending various factors like the security, speed & functionality of major lending protocols allowing for interoperability. Blend has been designed as a set of configurable advanced smart contracts that enable a user to earn “Fixed & Predictable Rewards” on staking a token.

CEO Speak

“Our collaboration with EasyFi is right on time. A time in which we see fears in the crypto space and chaos within the defi ecosystem. For us, we believe this is the right time to incentivize our loyal community and holders as we stand strong to launch innovative products in line with the next bullish season.”

About Rigel Protocol

Rigel Protocol is the blockchain Decentralized protocol for all Defi needs. A protocol built to improve and touch up existing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) features while introducing several innovative DeFi products to propel scalability, security in the Blockchain, user experience and adoption. Rigel Protocol is focused on building Dapps with the best user experience at low fees. Several DeFi products featured are smartswap operations, automated dexes trading, Liquidity mining, Launchpad & Product Token offering services, Influencers & New projects rewarding systems and other innovative features.

About EasyFi

EasyFi Network is a universal layer-2 multi-chain money market protocol for digital assets with focus on liquidity sourcing & capital efficiency for structured lending in a non-custodial manner. The Protocol is currently live on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.



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EasyFi Network

EasyFi Network is a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for Digital Assets. Taking a strong community-oriented governance approach with $EZ