EasyFi Electric Margin Trade Testing Bounty

Conduct Test Margin Trade Transactions to win BUDDY Avatar mint pass NFTs in collaboration with Trace Network Labs

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4 min readDec 20, 2022


EasyFi is excited to extend its collaboration with Trace Network Labs to bring an NFT Bounty on Electric Testnet.

Top 100 users with the most test trade transactions on Electric Testnet on Polygon, Avalanche & Binance Smart Chain will get a chance to win $25 worth of Trace Network Labs’ BUDDY Avatar Mint Passes…

The Bounty starts on 20th December 2022 and will continue till 31st December 2022

We are inviting all EasyFi users to conduct margin trade transactions on the Electric App on these 3 chains combined. Test Transactions eligible for this bounty include:

  • Transfer of funds
  • Deposit transactions
  • Approval transactions
  • Opening a Trade
  • Closing a Trade
Checking Transactions on Avalanche Testnet

The more test transactions you do, the more the chances to win.

About the Mint Pass

Trace Network Labs has a product that enables the creation of multi-chain real-looking Avatars for the Metaverse, one that is metaverse agnostic and can be carried to any metaverse and on any chain. A Sample avatar is given here:

Sample BUDDY Avatar

You can use this Trace Buddy Avatar Mint pass to mint your own metaverse-ready avatar that will have many use cases in the future. To know more you can check this link: How to Mint your Buddy.

The BUDDY Avatar mint passes will be transferred directly to the wallet addresses only on Polygon Mainnet.

Sample Mint Pass Design

How to go about Trading

xUSDC Faucet on EasyFi Electric

NOTE: One address will only be able to get xUSDC only once.

Secret to having more transactions

  • Ensure you use the same wallet address on all chains
  • Make multiple small deposits with different leverages
  • This means you have more money to play around with
  • Open trade positions with small amounts from the leverage you have
  • Repeat on all 3 chains using the same wallet address

Some Rules

  • Rewards will be transferred to the addresses on Polygon Mainnet only
  • Users need to tweet their BUDDY Avatars
  • Tag twitter handles of EasyFi & Trace Network Labs in tweet
  • Also put hashtags #domorewithdefi #metaverseforlifestyle #buddy

About Trace Network Labs

Trace Network Labs is enabling a full stack Metaverse technology for businesses & individuals to launch their own 3D experiences with all the components being powered and built natively using Blockchain including and first of it’s kind web3.0 native real looking #BUDDY avatars. You can relate with it like we are SHOPIFY of metaverses. Further, using the same technology it is helping Fashion & Lifestyle businesses & individuals to launch their own experience stores, events, concerts etc.

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Youtube | Discord

About EasyFi Electric

Electric is a decentralized, permissionless, scalable, secure, leverage trading platform, from EasyFi, that enables traders to take out short-term loans to trade margin positions from publicly sourced liquidity from different AMMs / decentralized exchanges.


About EasyFi

EasyFi Network is a universal layer-2 multi-chain money market protocol for digital assets with focus on liquidity sourcing & capital efficiency for structured lending in a non-custodial manner. The Protocol is currently live on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum & Avalanche.

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To learn more about $EZ and EasyFi, please go through our whitepaper and other articles on this publication. Stay tuned for more news & updates on our Telegram channel and join the official group. You can also follow us on Twitter.



EasyFi Network
EasyFi Network

EasyFi Network is a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for Digital Assets. Taking a strong community-oriented governance approach with $EZ