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EasyFi Electric Now on Avalanche

A Step-by-Step Guide to conducting Margin Trading on TraderJoe Testnet using Electric

#1: Connecting Your Wallet to Electric Testnet

Asset Pools Page with list of assets available to Trade on Electric on Avalanche Testnet
Connect to Metamask

#2: Adding xUSDC from Faucet

Obtaining xUSDC from EasyFi Faucet
Requesting for xUSDC transfer from EasyFi Faucet to your Avalanche Testnet Wallet
Confirming xUSDC Transfer on SnowTrace Testnet

#3: Supplying Assets to the Liquidity Pool

Adding Asset amount and Loan details in Leverage
Deposit Approval for Asset
Collateral Deposit Confirmation
Confirming Asset Deposit with Leverage
Deposit Confirmation on EasyFi Electric App
Checking on SnowTrace Testnet for Transactions

#4: Opening new margin positions & Trade

Trade & margin adjustment options are activated
Selecting the Input & Output tokens to create the Margin Trading Pair
xETH selected as Trading Pair on TraderJoe (Testnet)
Confirming the Trade on Metamask
Confirming Create Position on SnowTrace Testnet
Transaction Complete Confirmation on Electric

#5: Checking & Closing Your Trade Positions

Checking Your Trade Positions
Closing the Margin Position on AMM
Close Position Confirmation in Wallet
Position Closed on Electric & AMM

#6: Verifying Transactions on Avalanche Testnet

Electric Margin Trading Transactions on Avalanche Testnet Blockchain (SnowTrace)

About EasyFi Electric

About EasyFi



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