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EasyFi Network partners with cybersecurity firm Halborn for complete audit & total security

Scope to include Full Smart Contracts Audits, Security Practices, DevOps procedures for the complete protocol infrastructure

EasyFi Network has partnered with Halborn Security to engage them as the official auditor & security advisor for providing a 360° & holistic security advisory for our complete protocol infrastructure on Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

This is with reference to our earlier announcement on partnering with top audit firms to audit not just all the protocol smart contract codes but also conduct a complete audit of all the security practices for enhanced security on EasyFi.

Read here: EasyFi Reinstatement Plan

Halborn brings deep industry experience in multiple blockchain protocols and cryptographic standards in performing extensive security audits and testing.

The team has already started a complete security architecture audit, identify and prioritize focus areas, and then work on a weekly plan thereafter. A brief of the areas of work is given below.

Full Audit

Following the security incident with EasyFi on April 19th, we have examined the need for multiple areas of improvement and focus with respect to security practices. This includes providing a full measure of security enhancements not only for our protocol, its smart contracts and code in general, but also establish company-wide security practices, procedures and processes for all future needs for the growth of the protocol.

Please note that a full and comprehensive audit is being conducted for our entire protocol infrastructure on all three blockchains we are currently present on viz. Polygon, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

In addition, this will not be just a one-time engagement between Halborn and EasyFi but an ongoing and sustained engagement henceforth.

The Audit and Advisory scope

Some of the regular working scope of our overall security program with Halborn will include the following:

a. General Cybersecurity Practices — For EasyFi protocol, it is imperative that we have a process-driven security strategy and design that is built to reduce risks. So essentially we need to be suitably protected and free from cyber attacks and other related problems. So in general, we need to:

  • find the most efficient way to protect the system, networks, software, data and information systems against any potential attacks,
  • implement vulnerability testing, threat analysis, and security checks & procedures,
  • perform research on cyber security criteria, security systems, and validation procedures,
  • plan and design healthy security architectures for any IT project,
  • investigate and provide security solutions using business standard analysis criteria

b. Holistic Infrastructure Risk Assessments — We are building security in all facets of our business. Halborn will carry auditing, advising, and validating that all technology,

people, and processes are planned and implemented securely. We will initiate some of the best practices used in this space and build them into our security processes & practices.

c. Penetration Testing — In a penetration testing environment, Halborn will perform deep security inspections to identify critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by adversaries and threat actors in the real world. We will simulate the activities and tactics typically performed by attackers to reduce the protocol’s exposure.

d. Smart Contract Audits & Security Testing — This is a vital process that needs to be conducted almost regularly as we continue to build and expand our protocol with new products and services. The smart contract analysis conducted by Halborn will comprise an understanding of the code structure, ensure that the code adheres to quality standards, and is free of vulnerabilities and reveals errors much in advance and before public release.

e. Establishing DevSecOps Best Practices — As we restart and begin our new growth journey, we have realized that we need to build mature processes and procedures for our DevOps as well. We will extend our global protocol security practices to our technology sphere as well. We will use Halborn’s expertise for advice on automation, infrastructure codes, cloud hosting options, and other best practices for continuous integration and continuous deployment as and when needed.

Future Perfect

We would like our followers and community to know that we are constantly working on improving our processes for the reinstatement of our protocol. Our partnership with Halborn is just one of the many that we will be doing in this space to ensure that we have a secure protocol for the future. With a brilliant auditor & security partner backing us up, we can focus confidently on building our products and services as per our plans and in the best interest of our users.

About Halborn Security

Halborn is an award-winning, elite cybersecurity firm working with blockchain companies. Some of Halborn’s existing clientele are Coinbase, Stellar, Bancor and BlockFi. Unlike other firms in the space, Halborn focuses on full stack security, DevSecOps, as well as advanced penetration testing of the web apps that interact with smart contacts. The firm also provides exceedingly thorough analysis of a blockchain application’s smart contracts in order to correct design issues, errors in the code, or identify security vulnerabilities. They also perform both manual analysis and automated testing to make sure smart contract applications or DeFi platforms are ready for mainnet.

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