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EasyFi Q4 Roadmap — The Road Ahead

Dual Farming Opportunities, Partnerships, and New Markets & Features among other things…

The last working quarter of this year will see a flurry of activities for the EasyFi team. Many of these will aim to improve the platform’s overall spread, structure, and security. Each of these updates will bring new sets of incentivising opportunities for the community, new partnerships, and some new security-based features among other things. Here is the rundown of what we intend to do as a team for Q4 2020.

Why Roadmap for only a Quarter?

There are a few reasons why we are publishing the roadmap only for a quarter:

  1. Dynamic Industry — The DeFi industry is in a state of flux right now. We believe that a long roadmap is impractical given that the industry itself is dynamic. There is a need for dynamic decision-making, agility & flexibility which allows us to move with the pace of this industry.
  2. Smaller Goals — Working on smaller and short-term technology, organizational and business goals allow agile modifications to strategies and focus on achievable deliverables.
  3. Focus on mission-critical deliverables — Our primary focus in the next couple of months is to achieve under-collateralized loans; for which we need to focus on certain technical and financial deliverables related to the identification layer, borrower’s evaluation mechanisms, and credit rating systems, historical data indexing & analysis. In order to do this in a time-bound manner, we will be focusing on shorter plans and objectives and communicate accordingly to our community.

A Recap of EasyFi since launch

We have been busy for the past couple of months and on 30th September, we went LIVE. Here are a few things we have already done and gone live with — updates and details for each to come soon:

1. EasyFi Network goes LIVE with Stable Assets market

2. $EASY Yield Farming Program

3. Listing on BitMax exchange

4. $EASY Exclusive Staking Program launched on BitMax (S1)

5. Dual Farming Program Launch (DF — 1) (Update coming soon)

Our Focus in Q4

October: Our focus this month has been to launch the platform with some much needed, well tested and fully working functionalities and modules. We will be following up with more incentivization and farming opportunities, go-live with multi-chain Farming and staking modules, and also initiate a partnership with a price feed oracle that enables us to add more markets & assets to the platform.

November: In November, we will expand our presence with multi-chain incentivization initiatives. We have already been working with a concerned team for the last month and expect to deliver integration of the price feed oracle, and finally, ensure we go-live with volatile assets markets.

December: December initiatives will play an important role in building on our current focus of under-collateralized loans. Hence in this month, our work will center around requisites to achieve the same as developing and implementing borrowers’ evaluation mechanisms and credit rating systems. We will also continue expanding with new incentivization programs.

The Roadmap — October to December 2020

Ever since our launch in September 2020, we have been continuously working to bring some new partnerships into our liquidity and farming offerings. In these coming months we are planning to achieve the following:

Exciting days ahead. Stay tuned for more news & updates on our Telegram channel and join the official group. You can also follow us on Twitter.



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