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A recap of all activities, events & achievements in November 2020

The month of November has been challenging at EasyFi. We had some exciting Q4 Roadmap milestones, plenty of community outreach activities, rewards distribution and a few exciting listings. We also had our task cut out especially when a part of our team was challenged with health issues of some members, as being exposed to Covid-19. Nevertheless, the show must go on.

Here is a rundown of the major activities and events for November.

Q4 Roadmap Closures

We are absolutely on track with regard to our roadmap milestones. Besides some delays due to health issues of few team members we have completed herculean tasks and are now finishing up to go live asap. The following are the closures as per roadmap:

#1. EasyFi Launches Dual Farming Program DF-2

  • $MATIC farming opportunity on Ethereum mainchain by staking $EASY

The roadmap reflects DF program to be launched on Matic network but we launched a dedicated farming module (not just DF program) on ethereum network first. The primary reason to choose ethereum network at first, is expanding presence on ethereum while we are adding product line on layer 2 matic network too. This decision has allowed us to partner with projects which have presence only on ethereum network.

EasyFi launched a Dual Farming module on the EasyFi App. Dual Farming is our unique variant of yield farming or liquidity mining whereby EasyFi and Matic network as it’s first partner has allocated 5 Million MATIC towards incentivizing yield farmers. We launched the DF2 program on 22nd Nov at 8pm India time which is live for 60 days in total, for the community. 83,333.34 MATIC are being distributed daily to $EASY stakers on-chain, that currently generates APY upto 200% as being reported by community members.

We will keep adding new options on DF module in near future for community incentivisation. Also, a DF module will also be launched on Matic Network with new partner projects very soon.

Check our detailed guide here: EasyFi Launches Dual Farming Program DF-2

#2. Risk Management System Update

  • Making the Protocol Ready for the Volatile Asset Markets.

In our run-up to start our volatile asset markets, it was imperative to get our application in tune with all the risks that the new markets will throw at us. EasyFi conducted a bevy of internal tests to ascertain the robustness of our systems, ran a few simulations, stress tested the protocol under various permutations & combinations and tweaked the codes wherever needed. We have updated the risk management system with necessary updates on a best-known basis

Read more about steps taken: Risk Management System Update

This is to inform our community members that we are absolutely in tandem to our roadmap and have completed almost all necessary integrations and updations. We will soon make necessary announcements accordingly.

New Listings

$EASY got listed on some more spot exchanges and swap exchanges in November.

  • New Pair Listing on Bitmax — BitMax showcased its confidence in our product and token by adding another $EASY pair on 23rd Nov’20. Our token can now also be traded on the $EASY/$BTC pair on BitMax.

BitMax New Trading Pair of EASY/BTC Announcement | EASY/BTC on BitMax

  • Listing on Resfinex — $EASY was listed on the Resfinex Exchange on 1st Nov, 2020. Deposits and withdrawals for $EASY opened on the same day for trading on the $EASY/$ETH pair

$EASY Listed on Resfinex Announcement | $EASY on Resfinex

  • Listing on Bilaxy — Bilaxy exchange listed $EASY on 16th Nov, 2020 in the ETH market as a $EASY/$ETH pair.

$EASY Listed on Bilaxy Announcement | $EASY on Bilaxy

  • Listing on Hotbit — Hotbit, a popular exchange listed $EASY on its ETH market as a $EASY/$ETH pair.

$EASY Listed on Hotbit Announcement | $EASY on Hotbit

  • Listing on SwapSpace — $EASY can be acquired on SwapSpace, an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator where users can easily exchange the cryptocurrencies and tokens.

$EASY Listed on SwapSpace Announcement | $EASY on SwapSpace

  • Listing on StealthEX — $EASY can now be swapped on StealthEX as well with multiple crypto assets. StealthEX offers fast transparent and limitless swaps without any registrations.

$EASY Listed on StealthEx Announcement | $EASY on StealthEx

  • Listing on Matcha — Matcha is a crypto trading platform with smart order routing and aggregates liquidity from multiple sources.

Check out the $EASY listing here: EasyFi added on Matcha

Increased Social Footprint

  • Dapp.com — Dapp.com is a cross-chain platform for everyone to discover, use, and enjoy dapps with ease. Find EasyFi on Dapp.com and rate it: EasyFi on Dapp.com
  • Xangle — Xangle is a platform that offers the real time data and project information, to the Asian Markets. Our listing on Xangle and the disclosures we make on the platform will improve our in the Asian investor community. Find various details of EasyFi here: EasyFi on Xangle
  • Lunarcrush — Lunarcrush provides real-time cryptocurrency social media analytics and crypto exchange prices for listed cryptos. Find out more about EasyFi and EASY on this link: $EASY on Lunarcrush
  • Dapp Review — Dapp Review is a leading data-driven dapps platform. It tracks multiple chains and provides analytics for various dapps. Easy has also been listed on Dapp Review: EasyFi added on DappReview
  • Delta Direct — The much popular Delta App offers Delta Direct as a service to deliver trustworthy, transparent & leading edge cryptocurrency information to users. We were already listed on the Delta App and are happy to be covered and added on the Direct list as well. Now users can get regular $EASY updates on their mobiles, directly: $EASY added on Delta Direct

Community Expansion

  • EasyFi Official (Vietnam) — We marked our growing network presence in South East Asia, by expanding into Vietnam and started our local community there. We have already grown to become a 3000+ community in Vietnam within a month of our launch. Check out our announcement here: https://t.me/easyfiAnn/108 and our Vietnam group here: https://t.me/easyfivn
  • 10K Community Members — Our official Community group EasyFi Official crossed a major milestone of 10000+ community members. https://t.me/easyfiAnn/127

Highlights of the Month

Sponsored the Binance Summit — Blockchain applied — EasyFi sponsored a global event, Binance Summit — Blockchain Applied. The summit focused on the new advancements in the blockchain and its use cases in different industries like gaming, enterprises, Binance smartchain, art and gaming. EasyFi CEO, spoke at the summit and presented his thoughts at a workshop on how to “Invest and Make Passive Income With #Crypto”. Our announcement: https://t.me/easyfiAnn/116

Community Incentivization programs

  • - Staking program on Bitmax Extended
  • The Easyfi staking program on BitMax was earlier planned for one month, has now been extended. $EASY rewards will continue till the next announcement. Users may continue staking $EASY for more rewards until further notice. Please refer to the announcement here for details: https://t.me/easyfiAnn/121
  • - EasyFi staking on Ethereum Network
  • EasyFi launched its Dual Farming Program DF2 this month. Users can stake $EASY on the new Dual Farming module on the app and Farm $MATIC tokens. A total of 5 Million Matic can be farmed in this period of 60 days starting from 23rd Nov’20. Read more about this program and refer to the guide here to get started: EasyFi Launches Dual Farming Program DF-2
  • - Hotbit Investment Product 10% APR
  • Hotbit launched an $EASY Investment product on November 27th, 2020 and EASY Current Deposit Investment Plan on the same day. The initial rate of annualized return will be 10%, with calculation of interest period being (T+1) and the redemption period being (T+1). Please refer to the following link for detailed information regarding the rules and regulations of this plan: Easy Investment Product on Hotbit

Community Outreach — AMAs

  • AMA with Binance English Telegram Group: In a recent AMA hosted by the Binance English Telegram Group, the Founder & CEO of EasyFi Network, Ankitt Gaur, talked openly about the vision of the organization, the choice of the network to base our protocol on, our USP, features, future plans, and also about the team. This AMA was divided into three parts which rewarded users for the best questions and for answering questions that we posed to them in a quiz competition. We rewarded $EASY worth $2500 to all those who answered our 5 questions correctly. In all 33 participants got an equal share of the quiz prize. Read more about Ankitt’s viewpoints, the questions from the community and our quiz contest here: In conversation with Team EasyFi
  • AMA with Decentralized Club — An AMA was organized with the Decentralized Club on Telegram. With more than 20000 members, Decentralized Club was led by their admin Billy on a virtual chat based tete-a-tete with EasyFi CEO, Ankitt Gaur. Ankitt was his usual candid self and answered all questions posed to him about the project, protocol, team, current status and plans for the future. Our announcement of the AMA: https://t.me/easyfiAnn/113

Community Outreach — The EasyFi Knowledge Quiz Contests

EasyFi Network organized their first knowledge quiz contest on the telegram group. The idea of organizing the quiz contest was to engage the communities in a healthy competition where they could learn and earn about EasyFi protocol and $EASY as a whole, need to analyze the ways to keep the community updated about Easyfi protocol and ensure the engagement with the Easyfi Community. It was great to find a large number of people who are interested in the EasyFi platform and DeFi.

  • EasyFi Official Telegram Group: EasyFi Network organised its first Knowledge Contest on its official Telegram Group — EasyFi Official — on 12th Nov, The idea was to firstly, understand how far the $EASY word has spread and to what measure; secondly, analyze the need to constantly keep our community up to date on the EasyFi protocol; and lastly, ensure continued engagement with the community on all fronts. Read about the whole quiz here: EasyFi Knowledge Contest — Quiz #1
  • Other groups: We also organized 4 more quiz contests in the following groups: EasyFi Official — Vietnam , CryptoNation, CryptoUniverse and CryptoBharat.
  • Prize money at stake: EasyFi network gave away total rewards worth $2000 to contest winners from the 5 groups above. We followed a unique point system to arrive at the real winners.

To learn more about $EASY and EasyFi, please go through our whitepaper and other articles on this publication.

Stay tuned for more news & updates on our Telegram channel and join the official group. You can also follow us on Twitter.



EasyFi Network is a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for Digital Assets. Taking a strong community-oriented governance approach with $EZ

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EasyFi Network

EasyFi Network is a Layer 2 DeFi Lending protocol for Digital Assets. Taking a strong community-oriented governance approach with $EZ