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A Recap of all activities and events

The month of October has been very exciting in the journey of EasyFi Network. We started our journey with a listing on BitMax, which was followed by Binance & CoinDCX later in the month; we also started up on DEXs such as Uniswap and Quickswap.

EasyFi also initiated some new programs for the benefit of the community that will help the members earn good farming rewards from two distinct opportunities. We also participated in some community outreach activities and answered their queries.

Here is a rundown of the major activities and events for October.

Q4 Roadmap Closures

1. EasyFi Staking Module Launch on Ethereum Mainchain

$EASY Farming Opportunity on Ethereum Mainchain

EasyFi Network also started its own staking module on the App. We extended the width of our services and included the most popular application Uniswap to the repertoire. This enables users to farm $EASY on the Ethereum mainchain as well. The EasyFi users have to supply liquidity to the $EASY liquidity pools on Uniswap, stake their UNISWAP V2-LP tokens on our staking module, and farm $EASY tokens. Users can supply the liquidity to any of the two pools available $EASY/$USDC or $EASY/$DAI and after that, stake the UNISWAP V2-LP tokens on the EasyFi staking module.

Check out the detailed guide here: EasyFi staking LIVE on Ethereum Network

2. Partnership with a Price feed oracle

Integration of Chainlink oracles — We recently announced our plan to integrate Chainlink, the most widely used decentralized oracle network, to securely access reliable price feeds within our DeFi lending protocol. The Chainlink Network provides highly available, tamper-resistant price feeds derived from an aggregation of premium off-chain data sources, ensuring EasyFi’s lending and borrowing operations function as exactly as intended. This will enable us to add bigger, better, and smarter utilities to $EASY by leveraging the decentralized price-feed networks from #Chainlink oracle.

Read our announcement and salient points on EasyFi To Integrate Chainlink Price Feeds


  1. Listing on BitMAX — We kicked off our $EASY journey this month with an exclusive listing on BitMAX. Our token was listed on the USD market under the EASY/USDT trading pair. To celebrate the listing, BitMax.io and EasyFi jointly offered exclusive rewards to Airdrop Multiple Cardholders who were rewarded with the 30$ worth of tokens.

For a quick review, you can check out a detailed article on EasyFi BitMax Listing.

2. Listing on Binance — This was by far the most exciting event for EasyFi this week. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world listed the $EASY token on their exclusive listing program called the Innovation Zone. (Check Binance Announcement). $EASY tokens can now be traded using the EASY / ETH pair in this zone. The trading can be done without any restrictions. The users may have to complete certain mandatory formalities when trading in this zone.

Get all details on this link: $EASY Listed on Binance Innovation Zone.

3. Listing on CoinDCX — The $EASY token has now also been listed on the Indian leading cryptocurrency trading platform, CoinDCX. The Indian cryptocurrency trader community can now trade $EASY using the EASY / ETh pair on the CoinDCX trading platform.

The announcement of this listing was done by CoinDCX and EasyFi.

Major Achievements

  1. TVL Peak of $40 Million — We had a great beginning on our lending app as well. The EasyFi community showed unprecedented enthusiasm. We were adding around a million dollars worth of liquidity every hour since launch. By the end of the second day, the TVL on the EasyFi platform was $30 Million! We peaked at $40 Million TVL (Total Value Locked) in the protocol. The guarded launch was beyond our expectations, despite some teething issues with respect to the Layer 2 network when we launched.

Check out our Tweets on our TVL story: $ 30 Million Total Value Locked | $ 20 Million Total Value Locked

2. Release of Roadmap — EasyFi released the Roadmap for the Q4 that talks about a large number of activities. Most of the activities in Quarter 4 improves the platform’s overall security, structure, and spread. Easy will come up with different incentives for the community and build some new partnerships, security-based features. We will come up with different features like dual farming, risk management system update, dual farming programs, etc.

For a quick review, you can check out the detailed article on EasyFi Q4 Roadmap.

3. EasyFi Network added on major aggregator platforms We got added on some of the major coin aggregator platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Delta this month. The announcement was made by the CoinMarketCap (CMC) on their official Twitter account. Other platforms are as follows: CryptoPerks and Coinmarketleaders

Check out the CMC tweet here: EasyFi added to CoinMarketCap

Community Incentivization programs

  1. Yield farming program — EasyFi launched its Yield Farming program when the platform went live at the beginning of the month. Users who supplied liquidity to the three stablecoin markets could earn $EASY proportionate to their balance; this was separate from the natural interest rates available in the markets.

Read about the program here: EasyFi Yield Farming Program

2. BitMAX staking program — To support the growth of EasyFi Network token — $EASY, BitMax.io launched a 1-month $EASY Pre-Staking Program. BitMax.io users will have a great chance to earn 52% est. APR if they stake their $EASY tokens on the BitMAX exchange.

Details are given on this link: Launch of EasyFi (EASY) Pre-Staking with 52% Est. APR

3. Airdrop program — To celebrate the listing of $EASY on the BitMax exchange, BitMax.io and EasyFi jointly offered exclusive rewards to Airdrop Multiple Cardholders who were rewarded with the 30$ worth of tokens.

4. $QUICK farming program — With the launch of liquidity mining on Quickswap, EasyFi introduced a great opportunity for the community to earn some extra rewards on providing liquidity to $EASY token pools on Quickswap. All you have to do is add liquidity to some existing $EASY pools and stake the eLPs received from the $EASY pools on the QuickSwap staking module. This gives you $QUICK tokens in return.

For a quick review, you can check out the detailed article on EasyFi brings $QUICK Farming Program.

5. Staking program of Uniswap eLPs on EasyFi — As discussed above, EasyFi users can now supply liquidity to the $EASY liquidity pools on Uniswap and stake their UNISWAP V2-LP tokens on our staking module, that will help them farm $EASY tokens. Users can now supply liquidity on $EASY/$USDC or $EASY/$DAI and on receiving the UNISWAP V2-LP tokens stake them on the EasyFi staking module.

The detailed staking guide can be accessed here: EasyFi staking LIVE on Ethereum Network

Community Outreach

  1. AMA with CoinCrunch India — Ankitt Gaur, Founder & CEO, EasyFi Network had a freewheeling conversation with Naimish Sanghvi of CoinCrunch India and discussed the work done to date: tokenomics on EasyFi, change of inflation, listing on Binance, our community-driven approach to work, plans & preparation for the future, and other achievements related to the $EASY token. He gave an insight into how EasyFi is planning to make finance easy for all community members.

Watch the freewheeling conversation here: Live Stock Take: Progress of EasyFi Network (Indian DeFi) with Founder and CEO Ankitt Gaur

2. AMA with Wolf CryptoPub community on Telegram — Ankitt Gaur, Co-Founder & CEO of EasyFi Network had a great AMA session with the WolfCryptoPub Community. In this AMA, they discussed many things about EasyFi and other products. The AMA answers most of the technical queries along with the non-technical ones about the EasyFi Platform. You can also get details on the tokenomics of the $EASY tokens, information on future modules to be added to the EasyFi platform, roadmap, etc.

You can find the full AMA Conversation here EasyFi AMA with Wolf Crypto.

To learn more about $EASY and EasyFi, please go through our whitepaper and other articles on this publication.

Stay tuned for more news & updates on our Telegram channel and join the official group. You can also follow us on Twitter.



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