East Bay Vegan Spots

Peter Naulls
Jan 31 · 3 min read

All known vegan businesses in the San Francisco East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa counties).

To qualify for a spot in this list, it has to be entirely or nearly vegan, it’s not enough to offer a few vegan dishes.





  • Animal Place’s Vegan Republic — Formerly, the Republic of V. Not a restaurant, but one of only a handful of vegan grocery stores in the US. I can recommend a visit to their Grass Valley sanctuary too — just not during the height of summer.
  • Flacos — Diminutive Mexican spot. The menu is a little limited, but if mexican food is your thing, you ought to check it out.
  • Cinnaholic — Desserts to die for. The menu is a bit complicated, but check out awesome ready selections.
  • Cha-Ya — Japanese cuisine, including sushi. A touch pricey; I’ve only had take out; I think you really need to dine in to get the full experience.
  • The Flying Falafel — Because why not?
  • Timeless Coffee — Also see Berkeley location
  • The Butcher’s Son — Vegan delicatessen
  • Kaffa Ethiopian
  • Veggie Grill — Berkeley location

Notable Mention


Notable Mention

  • The taqueria in the same Whole Foods has a mostly vegan menu.
  • Veggie Today — vegan apart from the wontons.
  • Aung Maylika — vegan oriented menu



Notable Mention


Oakland wins the city with the most vegan spots in the East Bay.

100% Vegan

Almost Vegan

Almost vegan. Just a couple of items they could remove.

  • Super Juiced — All the smoothies are vegan, just a few non-vegan items.
  • Liba — Fantastic mostly vegan falafel.

Honorary Mention

Worthy of mention also.

  • Layonna Vegetarian — Mostly vegan market, some of the meat substitutes have egg.
  • Analog — This hipster spot has a B side menu that’s all vegan. And the sandwiches are huge.
  • Grandeur — Vegan and Halal.
  • Bare Knuckle Pizza — Half vegan menu in Chinatown.

Pleasant Hill


San Ramon

Walnut Creek

Popups and More

These businesses are in the East Bay or visit regularly

East Bay Vegan

Vegan resources in the San Francisco East Bay

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East Bay Vegan

Vegan resources in the San Francisco East Bay

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