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3 min readJan 31, 2019


All known vegan businesses in the San Francisco East Bay (Alameda and Contra Costa counties).

To qualify for a spot in this list, it has to be entirely or nearly vegan, it’s not enough to offer a few vegan dishes.

Last Update: March 2020

I am leaving the Bay Area and will no longer be maintaining this list.





  • Animal Place’s Vegan Republic — Formerly, the Republic of V. Not a restaurant, but one of only a handful of vegan grocery stores in the US. I can recommend a visit to their Grass Valley sanctuary too — just not during the height of summer.
  • Flacos — Diminutive Mexican spot. The menu is a little limited, but if mexican food is your thing, you ought to check it out.
  • Cinnaholic — Desserts to die for. The menu is a bit complicated, but check out awesome ready selections.
  • Cha-Ya — Japanese cuisine, including sushi. A touch pricey; I’ve only had take out; I think you really need to dine in to get the full experience.
  • The Flying Falafel — Because why not?
  • Timeless Coffee — Also see Berkeley location
  • The Butcher’s Son — Vegan delicatessen
  • Kaffa Ethiopian
  • Veggie Grill — Berkeley location

Notable Mention


Notable Mention

  • The taqueria in the same Whole Foods has a mostly vegan menu.
  • Veggie Today — vegan apart from the wontons.
  • Aung Maylika — vegan oriented menu



Notable Mention


Oakland wins the city with the most vegan spots in the East Bay.

100% Vegan

Almost Vegan

Almost vegan. Just a couple of items they could remove.

  • Super Juiced — All the smoothies are vegan, just a few non-vegan items.
  • Liba — Fantastic mostly vegan falafel.

Honorary Mention

Worthy of mention also.

  • Layonna Vegetarian — Mostly vegan market, some of the meat substitutes have egg.
  • Analog — This hipster spot has a B side menu that’s all vegan. And the sandwiches are huge.
  • Grandeur — Vegan and Halal.
  • Bare Knuckle Pizza — Half vegan menu in Chinatown.

Pleasant Hill


San Ramon

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Popups and More

These businesses are in the East Bay or visit regularly