ECP Team Spotlight — Leon Petrov

As an avid rock climber and mountaineer, Leon Petrov has ambitions to one day climb the tallest summits on Earth, including Mont Blanc and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Scaling sheer rock faces at heights that would make most cringe takes tenacity, the ability to adapt to any situation and a complete attention to every detail — no matter how minor. Petrov, who serves as one of our Software Engineers at East Coast Product, calls on each and every one of those traits every time he sets out to provide the highest quality product for our clients.

“I’m constantly learning and offering clients my very best work,” said Petrov, a 25-year-old Gračac, Croatia native with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. “I make sure they know that they chose well when they came to East Coast Product, and that they won’t regret their decision.”

Petrov, who has been a member of our team for four months, said that the constantly-evolving face of technology keeps him energized to remain on the cutting edge of software engineering, which in turn makes him a valuable asset to our clients.

“We all need to learn in order to evolve, but that’s why I love this job and tech — everything is changing every second,” he said. “There are new Wozniaks, Ritchies and Lovelaces all around us and that keeps me going and motivated to learn, read, evolve and not be afraid to ask a lot of questions.”

But being a part of an industry that is always changing has its share of challenges. Petrov said that because there’s always something to learn, keeping pace with industry innovations can sometimes be difficult, but that he counts on the rest of the team for support.

“There are sometimes technologies I know virtually nothing about, and I need to learn them quickly so that I can use them,” he said. “Luckily all my colleagues are willing to help and answer questions — likewise I’m here for them any time they get stuck on something.”

Like the rest of us at ECP, being immersed in the tech world often leads Petrov to wonder where the next innovations will arise. He said his hopes are on advancements that will help people live safer, more fulfilling lives.

“I’m thinking about smart lenses. For example, if someone had bad eyesight, a great piece of technology would be a lens that reads the cornea and lens of the eye and automatically set the proper diopter, making physical pairs of glasses obsolete,” he said. “I’d also like to see continued development of tracking wearables, such as smart bracelets. These could be used in mountain rescue missions, for example, because a lot of money is spent on these missions that could be put to other uses.”

On the lighter side of things that don’t have much to do with technology but everything to do with survival, part of Petrov’s love of mountaineering is being prepared for virtually any situation — including the zombie apocalypse. Hopefully we can persuade him to take a few of us to safety with him.

“I’ve got my plan ready, of course,” he said. “First order of business is to get an SUV and fill it with gas. After I’ve gathered weapons, supplies, seeds, batteries, communications equipment and books, I would pick up my girlfriend and a few friends and head for Mount Mosor — far from civilization but the best place for a stronghold.”