EAST is introducing the protocol incentive program

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2 min readMay 12, 2023


EAST protocol is striving to attract more users, and we are excited to announce the next move here — EAST incentive program!

We decided to implement this program in a traditional DeFi way — as a governance token. So welcome the new ORIENT token, planned to become both a governance token for the protocol and additional incentive for its active users.

If you have valid EAST debt positions, you will be regularly awarded with new ORIENT tokens. Your share of total ORIENT emission is directly proportional to your share of total EAST debt. You can collect your ORIENT any time you want. After you collect your ORIENT, you can stake it, as you can do with EAST. In total, 70% of rewards go to EAST stakers, and 30% to ORIENT stakers.

In total, 3,500,000 ORIENT tokens are planned to be issued within 4 years. The speed of emission will decrease over time, just like with BTC. So don’t be late: the sooner you open your EAST positions, the more incentive tokens you will get. And by staking them, you’ll be able to earn even without crypto collateral!

The new incentive program will start with the official EAST 2.0 launch, so stay tuned! More details will follow on east.finance and in the white paper.

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