Simplist Framework

Simplist Framework


Remember your PHP version should be upper than 7 and the local request address should be set on:


After that, you have to set the username & table of your Database! in a local project for first use, these values should be just like this:

table: simplist_simplist

Username: root

Password: Empty ( without value or an empty string)

You can change these values by going to Model layer and change them in Database.phtml in Connection folder, or go to this address:


Note: There is a SQL Table file in “<Strong> Resources </Strong>” folder that you can easily import it to your local or online MySQL database

Until you`re working on local a working directory, the HTTPS protocol is turned off,
but if you want to upload it on your server, the HTTPS protocol can be turned on by making the “SecureProtocol ” true in the Middleware list,
 at the Important Folder you can find a Security file, or go to this address:


You can change the $this->CoreSecurity->SecureProtocol(false); to $this->CoreSecurity->SecureProtocol(true);

It`s completely installed and ready for use.

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