Chronicles on the road: Gdańsk

Vanja NedićThe road toward Gdańsk is called Amber, which is not a surprise, considering that this city is also known as the City of Amber. Therefore, our mission in Gdańsk was to buy presents — and it was a successful one. Actually, there is no way to fail on this, as the whole city is crowded with jewelry shops specialized in amber.

Gdańsk itself is magnificent , with its colorful streets and houses everywhere you look. It’s so easy to get lost because all the streets look alike! At the same time, each street is so special that it pulls you inside and you just have to wander around.

Fortunately, there is the Baltic Sea to prevent you from going in circles. It was very interesting for us to be next to the sea and freeze! We both come from seaside countries, but we’re talking here about the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea, which are warm seas. The Baltic Sea is not warm at all — it was actually quite freezing! But I loved the fresh wind on my face. It wasn’t so cold outside, but with that wind blowing it felt like polar cold. Amazing experience!

As we are food lovers, always trying to find the best places in town to eat all kinds of meals, we were a little bit shocked to find out that most of the places are opening at 11 pm. And they even offer breakfast! Actually, until noon the city streets weren’t so crowded. This felt to me like everyone is at the Croatian seaside: lazy, with plenty of time for everything in the world, not bothering at all when the day starts.

We also visited the Westerplatte peninsula — famous for the Battle of Westerplatte, which marked the start of the Second World War. A giant obelisk stands there alone at the edge of the city as a true reminder of the brave Polish defenders. It was worth driving and then walking only to get there. We arrived there late in the day, just in time to catch the last beams of light.

Finally, I just want to mention this: the highlight of our stay in Gdańsk was the 5 stars hostel we stayed at. The interior, the staff — everything was perfect! But the special thing of all was the music in the showers. When you go in, it starts playing music automatically. I’m not a person who sings in the shower, but that environment just made me do so. :)

The Eastern Chronicles Poland road trip takes place between March 7th — 15th, so stay tuned for daily stories!

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