Dress Modestly with Wide Range of Abaya Fashion Choices

Feb 5 · 2 min read

For Muslim population based out in the west, clothing that offers a perfect blend of style and modesty is being preferred. Since, Islamic or Muslim clothing offers very little scope for fashion experimentation, brands and retailers have remained apprehensive of catering this segment. However, over the past few years the scenario has changed with several brands and retailers venturing into this otherwise sidelined clothing category. One of the most commonly worn attire by Muslim women is an Abaya dress. However, Abaya designs have come a long way with fashion designers experimenting with the style and design options for Muslim women looking for modest Abaya fashion.

What is the Latest in Abaya Design Fashion?

One of the most sought-after dress by Muslim women based out in the Islamic region, as well as in the west is an Abaya. With Abayas gaining recognition in the fashion industry, designers have started implementing new trends to Abaya fashion. Some of the latest Abaya designs that are fast gaining popularity and have become a rage amongst Muslim women include velvet abaya, kaftan abaya and many more

Which is the best online provider of latest Abaya fashion?

Today, various style and design options have been introduced by brands and designers to provide Muslim women with more choices. While there are several providers of trendy Abayas, latest Abaya designs offered by East Essence remain the most preferred ones. Abayas offered by the Islamic fashion retailer besides being stylish and trendy also incorporate functionality, modesty and exceptionally high quality.

As a leading producer of Islamic clothing, East Essence offers dresses that meets Islamic principles of dressing-up and western susceptibilities of style and design choices. So, whether you are looking for detailed embroidered Abayas or one with functional extras, the online retailer offers pieces with wide range of style and design options.


Islamic Clothing Online

Modest ethnic clothing from the east.

Islamic Clothing Online

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