Breath of the Wild

I’ve been playing Breath of the Wild since picking up a Switch. I’m really, really enjoying it. It feels like the Zelda game I’ve always wanted. I didn’t much care for Twilight Princess, and I skipped Skyward Sword (despite owning the fancy collector’s edition with the gold wiimote…oops), so the last Zelda I played was Wind Waker, and its remaster for the Wii U. But Breath of the Wild surpasses my expectations and then some.

  • It feels like the original Legend of Zelda, a game that I spent countless hours on as a kid. Remembering which bushes could be burned, which rocks could be bombed, and which statues could be pushed. Slowly annotating my mental map of the world, revisiting places once I possesed the necessary items or skills to progress further.
  • Just being dumped into the world without much fanfare or exposition was great. Even the starter “tutorial” area didn’t feel that limited or overly hand-holdy.
  • It really nails the idea of “look at a thing in the distance, make your way there, stumble upon ten other cools things along the way” that I love in certain Bethesda RPGs.
  • The progression feels good — no levels like a “traditional” RPG, no item gates like a “traditional” Zelda game. Just gear and the ability to improve it, plus the cooking. It feels like good horizontal progression where nothing ever feels out of reach.
  • The cooking, though. It could really use some sort of “recipe book” style UI to easily look up known recipes, and preferably just cook them straight away from there. Batch/bulk cooking would be welcome too, but even without that, anything to reduce the amount of times I need to go into my inventory, manually pick out all the ingredients, hold them, return to the game, and throw them in the pot would be a huge improvement.
  • I’ve just unlocked my first dungeon. I’ve never been a huge fan of dungeons in Zelda game, so I’ve been putting it off. I much prefer the exploration and overworld parts of the game to being stuck in a closed off puzzle box for a couple hours at a time. Breath of the Wild’s huge world littered with much smaller shrines and more dynamic overworld content is really resonating with me.