#ICYMI Cleantech News 11/6/15

Welcome again to our series of regular In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) cleantech news blog posts. These blog posts feature some of the most interesting, compelling and/or impactful cleantech news of the week.

This week’s highlights include reports that Apple is working on an EV project code-named “Titan”; Goldman Sachs plans to invest $150B in renewable energy projects by 2025; and a ClimateWire piece on the rapid growth of energy storage market.

Here are some of the top stories in cleantech this week:

· EVs: Greentech Media’s Stephen Lacey reported that Apple may be building an EV with a 600-person team.

· INVESTMENT: Goldman Sachs plans to invest $150B in renewable energy projects by 2025 in its effort to widen its presence in environmental markets and green finance, reported Argus Media.

· TELECOMS: According to a recent Navigant Research report, telecommunications network providers will spend more than $31 billion in distributed generation and energy storage from this year through 2024.

· SOLAR: Forbes’ Jeff McMahon writes that utilities and solar companies may have to cooperate to participate in the DOE’s next surge of clean-energy investments.

· ENERGY STORAGE: ClimateWire’s Umair Irfan reported that new energy storage technologies are making rapid progress, but that the market is moving even faster.

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