#ICYMI Cleantech News 3/20/15

By: Stephanie Kays

Welcome again to our series of regular In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) cleantech news blog posts. These blog posts feature some of the most interesting, compelling and/or impactful cleantech news of the week.

This week’s highlights include President Obama pushing for a new global climate change accord, Tesla announcing that its Model S Sedans will have a self-driving feature by summer 2015 and SolarCity announcing that it will design and operate microgrids.

Here are some of the top stories in cleantech this week:

· POLITICS: Edward-Issac Dovere of Politico reported that President Obama is quietly pushing for a global climate change accord at the U.N climate talks in Paris later this year.

· EVs: Chris Woodyard of USA Today discussed Telsa’s announcement that Model S Sedans will receive an automatic steering feature by summer 2015.

· CNET’s Nick Statt also covered Tesla, noting that Tesla’s new software makes it “impossible” for their drivers to run out of charge.

· CHINA: Bloomberg reported that China raised its 2015 solar target to as much as 17.8 gigawatts worth of solar projects, 2.5 times as much capacity as the U.S. added last year.

· MICROGRID: SolarCity announced a program to design and operate microgrids in cities, remote communities, campuses and military bases and Diane Cardwell of The New York Times covered the news.

· EMISSIONS: Giles Parkinson of Renew Economy reported that the growing usage of solar and wind helped halt global CO2 emissions in 2014, despite a three percent increase in economic growth.

· SOLAR: Stanley Reed of The New York Times wrote on the European Union’s solar boom.

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