#ICYMI Cleantech news 4/24/15

Welcome again to our series of regular In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) cleantech news blog posts. These blog posts feature some of the most interesting, compelling and/or impactful cleantech news of the week.

This week’s highlights include the Obama administration releasing the first-ever Quadrennial Energy Review, a New York Times report on Hawaii’s massive solar growth and expectations that Telsa will soon announce it will be offering energy storage to residential and commercial customers.

Here are some of the top stories in cleantech this week:

· OBAMA: Jeff St. John of Greentech Media reported that the Obama administration released the first-ever Quadrennial Energy Review, highlighting the major reliability, security and renewable energy integration challenges facing the country’s electricity infrastructure.

· SOLAR: New York Time’s Diane Cardwell investigated Hawaii’s massive solar growth and the challenges it’s causing to the grid.

· RENEWABLES: Phil McKenna reported in a Quartz article that solar power will soon be as cheap as coal.

· TESLA: Jerry Hirsch of the Los Angeles Times wrote that Telsa will expand into a new business offering battery-based energy storage for residential and commercial customers.

· AWARD: Top companies transforming the electrical power sector such as Greensmith, Schneider Electric and Telsa were named to Greentech Media’s Grid Edge 20.

· CLEAN TECH: Varun Sivaram, Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, explained why Moore’s Law doesn’t apply to clean technologies.

· CHINA: Bloomberg reported that China’s solar installations in the first quarter were almost equal to France’s entire supply of power from the sun.