The CMO Identity Crisis, Breaking Down Silos, and Client Highlights

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As the new CMO-in-Residence at Eastwick, Chris Hummel, is engaging senior executives and influencers in a strategic dialogue around Marketing. These conversations are helping everyone to better understand the profession and specifically the role of the CMO — and to drive more value from them. The first step in this conversation requires us to look in the mirror and recognize the same core ambiguities that are weighing on senior marketers everywhere. In his latest blogpost, Chris Hummel explores the factors that have led to the identity crisis and evolving role of the CMO.


Many companies face the challenge of transforming their organizations from that of siloed strategies and tactical functions into ones of shared strategy and integrated tactics. In this new world of information overload, it takes a “surround sound” approach to break through the noise and reach your target audience with a coordinated message to drive the results you want. Read Barbara Bates’ eight steps to master integrated communications campaigns.

“Few good stories in tech journalism are about tech — in most of my favorite stories, the real focus is on a person, a community, or an idea that is going through some kind of transformation that happens to involve technology.”
- Kevin Roose, senior editor and co-executive producer at Fusion

Client Highlights

At CES 2015, CentraLite Systems, a global leader in end-to-end engineering and product development for a connected world, announced its owe’s Iris partnership, the release of its garage smart system, smart switch and three micro sensors, as well as a customer showcase. Working closely with CentraLite and its partners, Eastwick maximized exposure of the brand in a very noisy home automation market and trade show. A total of 10 media and analyst briefings were secured, including CNET, Laptop Magazine/Tom’s Guide, Reuters and WSJ. Additionally, multiple influencers met with the CentraLite team at CES. As a result, CentraLite saw a dramatic increase of 25% in Share of Voice (SOV) in just one quarter, and it held 70% of the overall industry SOV, which includes 455 mentions in news, blogs, Twitter and forums.

DroneDeploy, a San Francisco-based startup providing cloud control software solutions for drones, recently prepared to announce an exciting new partnership with leading drone manufacturer DJI, along with $9M in series A funding. They worked with Eastwick to develop messaging around their product and application use cases and received media training on how best to highlight their key differentiators for their first big splash. To ensure the announcements would be well received and keeping in mind that DroneDeploy’s technology would resonate with audiences across a range of industries, Eastwick targeted a mix of business, tech, UAV and local press for pre-briefings with CEO Mike Winn. On the day of announcement, DroneDeploy made headlines in 17 feature pieces, including articles in TechCrunch, Fortune, VentureBeat, Unmanned Aerial Online, DroneLife.com, San Francisco Business Times and others.

Since the Fall of 2014, Greensmith has partnered with Eastwick to develop and implement an aggressive communications program. The program is designed to increase awareness of Greensmith as the leading provider of grid-scale energy storage software while also showing how Greensmith’s software optimizes energy storage system performance. Utilizing a multifaceted set of communications tactics, the program has achieved significant results, including: industry awards like the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer Award, thought leadership articles in key energy industry media outlets, including PowerGrid International and Public Utilities Fortnightly, and numerous positive stories on Greensmith’s new software applications, customer wins and market leadership. Moving forward, Greensmith and Eastwick plan to build on the success of the communications program, further strengthening Greensmith’s leadership position in the emerging energy storage software market.

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