Eastwick Review: CES 2016

Photo credit: CES

What do you get when you combine 175,000 plus tech lovers, 1.67 million square feet of convention space and Las Vegas…CES 2016. With over 3,600 exhibitors, there are countless innovations on display that make even the biggest techie stand in awe. Don’t worry though, Eastwick has narrowed down the thousands of new products displayed at the 2016 show ranging from 3D printing, unmanned systems to smart homes and safe driving, to provide you with the top 5 products and trends we are most excited about:

Top 5 products

· Casio Android Wear Outdoor Smartwatch: Casio announced an Android Wear watch that is waterproof (to 50m), shockproof and vibration proof and is certified to US military standards.

· HTC Vive Pre: Following the reveal of their VR experience last year, HTC launched a more streamlined and sleeker Virtual Reality headset in 2016.

· Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90 speakers: Utilizing Bang & Olusfen renowned sense of design, these speakers include smartphone-controlled software with 18 drivers in each speaker that will behave differently in each scenario to cancel out reflections and optimize the audio quality.

· Carl Zeiss smart glasses: The Zeiss lens let consumers get augmented reality capabilities without compromising on style.

· Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: From taking stock of your groceries without opening the refrigerator to ordering groceries from the appliance door, this new smart refrigerator introduced by Samsung literally does it all. Without a doubt this was the most talked about connected home product of this year’s CES.

Top 5 trends

· The true crescendo of connected products: While brands have been launching smart devices at CES for the past few years, 2016 saw a mass of connected products launched — a smart scale and a wireless router with inbuilt security system, to name a few. Our favorite — Edwin the Duck, a rubber duckie that tells parents that the bathwater is too hot via Bluetooth.

· A return to simple design: While things are getting smarter like a fridge with a connected screen on the front, the show also highlighted simple design innovations.

· Dinosaur products making a return: In the lead up to CES there was a lot of chatter about retro products making a come back. And they certainly did. The Technics SL-1200 turntable and Kodak Super 8 camera. The new, $400-plus Super 8 is part of an initiative Kodak says is meant to put these kinds of film cameras back in the hands of kids everywhere.

· Drones Dominate: While Drones have been a topic of conversation for a couple of years from discussions on their safety to government regulation, CES showed us Drones are here to stay. This year Drones are getting a makeover and you can be certain they will be filled with all the newest and most cutting-edge technology available.

· Pixel Overload: TVs continue to get thinner, brighter, sharper and smarter! 4K Ultra HD is now being universally adopted by manufacturers worldwide as the new standard, but don’t get too comfortable because 8K will be here within the next 5 years!