Security…It’s on us

By: Dave De Jear

So, RSA came and went with typical fanfare and excitement in our continuing saga of fighting the bad guys, protecting our crown jewels and exploring more ways to embrace the cloud.

While there was plenty of noise, I wonder if we really heard what we most need to know? “We” meaning everyone who uses a mobile device, everyone who connects to a corporate network, everyone who interacts with the cloud for software development, everyone who shops online for a mortgage, new credit card or car, everyone using an online calendar for our kids’ baseball game schedule, everyone with a big corporate title or everyone who cleans the shop at night.

The thing we most need to know is, security is ours to embrace all-the-time, every day. It’s on us to be smart — simple things like strong passwords, reporting something that just doesn’t look right, realizing the Nigerian financial opportunity really doesn’t exist.

Just as effective as the best security strategy at home or at work, should be our commitment to doing our part.

I think the security community will be better-served if “we” were part of the equation.

Stay vigilant, my friends.

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