Deal management improvements

List of improvements and fixes in our most used Deals module.

Michal Kejzlar
Feb 12, 2017 · 2 min read

Hide a project in filters

If given project is not active at the moment, you can hide it in filters in whole CRM system. Just navigate to Settings > Projects > Select project and disable it.

Display prices of lost deals

When you close a deal as a lost, you can still see it’s original price in deals table. This price is shown in Total price column just like active deals. Just remember to filter deals list by Lost state.

Extended project overview report

Third table in project overview report for sold and unsold units now displays:

  • Price range of units in given row (min — max price)
  • Average price of unites in given row
  • Price range calculated per m2 of units in given row (min — max price)
  • Average price calculated per m2 of unites in given row

Additional deal improvements

  • When you cancel a deal with past date, this date is considered as cancellation date, not the day you clicked on it. This allows cancel deals in past.
  • Fulltext search on deals now takes into account Additional customer
  • Users are now able to filter deals by date of RC, FPC and PC signature dates.

Tasks and Finances

Bulk action in tasks

You can change multiple CRM tasks at once. Change assignee, deadline or mark tasks as finished or unfinished at single click. You can find bulk changes in list of tasks window.

More features & improvements

  • You can now hide salesman from filters.
  • Invoices in Financials are sorted by newest by default
  • Extended CSV customers import


  • Single line invoice detail in ERP doesn’t required department for developers who do not use departments.
  • Fixed duplicate notifications for the same invoice ready for review.
  • Change reclamations/inspections reports evaluation times


Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

    Michal Kejzlar

    Written by

    Product at @Realpad



    Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

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