Improved usability in Finances and CRM

See what’s new in ERP and Deals modules.

Michal Kejzlar
Feb 12, 2017 · 2 min read


Automatic project selection for invoice in ERP

When creating new invoice, auto-select project field based on selected company.

Single line mode for invoice by default

From now on, we will display single line mode invoice detail by default. This means, when one creates new invoice, she/he can select project and chapter within this step. Only when invoice has multiple invoice lines, she/he enter multiline mode to enter additional lines.

This speeds up invoice creation for reception and any other administrative employee.

News in orders

  • ERP users are able to see Orders tab

VAT Changes

  • Slovakian VAT changes to 20%


Generate prescribed payments to document templates.

Specific developer has simple mechanism (based on percentage of total price of deal) to generate prescribed payments for Future purchase contract. That’s why it’s easy to know amount of those payments advanced so they can be listed in contract itself. Let’s generate it then!

Allow select future dates for signing a contract

Signing a contract happens in past or at current day at max…or don’t they? Sometimes not…when client made an agreement with buyer. That’s why REALPAD allows to enter future day of signing a contract inside all date pickers for contract signature.

Customers import and export

Extended customers CSV import by following fields.

  • Contact street and No.

Extended deals CSV import by following fields.

  • Additional customer name

New unit type called “Suite”

REALPAD now offers new type of apartment called “Suite”.

Improved actions in pre-reservations.

Now one can extend all pre-reservations at once.


  • unable to fully manage pre-reservation on tablet devices


Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

    Michal Kejzlar

    Written by

    Product at @Realpad



    Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

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