New CMS feature: Unit Bundles

See Unit Bundles in action.

Michal Kejzlar
Feb 13, 2017 · 1 min read

If you are selling multiple units on project as a bundle — typical scenario is flat, cellar and parking — you can now link those units together. One Unit Bundle can contain two or more units.

What are benefits of doing that?

When you create a new deal with main unit, all linked units are also added to deal automatically. Also you can see Unit Bundles in every product detail page and products list page so you spent less time figuring out what parking belongs to which flat and what are their total cumulated price.

Unit Bundle on your website

REALPAD API also allows to export Unit Bundle information together with classic unit price list so you can display this information to your customers on your project’s websites.

How to create Unit Bundles?

Creating unit bundles is easy. Navigate to Products > Select product > navigate to it’s detail screen and click on edit. If it’s a main product (like flat), pick Associated products in main product form. If it’s a associated product (like parking), select main product from dropdown. Then hit save to confirm changes.

You can also create Unit Bundle by importing product list in CSV.

After you create Unit Bundle, you will see associated or main unit in product detail screen and in product list page. Just remember to choose correct columns.

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