Trang Vuong Yen
Apr 28, 2016 · 3 min read

April came with many great updates: Our flagship product RealPad got trusted by new clients in Asia and Europe, we moved to a new office and had the first party of the year with more than 20 people. Also let’s hear some highlights of my trainee life as a the marketing intern at EASYCORE…

As an intern who has been in the company for less than 2 months, it is such an honor for me to witness many good changes in the company. Our international sales is expanding more than ever, and now, after 3 years, EASYCORE will move from the co-working space Node5 to Kovařovicova villa, located just few steps to the river Vltava, one of the most popular spots in Prague. And everyone loves, loves the new office. It’s been 2 weeks and we really enjoy working here.

Ordinary day at the office :)
Who wouldn't amazed by this beautiful workplace?
And this stunning view?

At the beginning of the month, Marian- our CEO thought that this would be a great time for gathering and boosting up everyone’s energy for the upcoming quarter. Winter is over and Spring has come, what could be better than a BBQ party with wine and beer, on a Friday evening, right next to the famous river Vltava of Prague?

So we managed to organize a BBQ at the villa with more than 20 people including employees from our company and some guests. It was such a lovely evening and everyone had a great time. The food prepared by our CEO was absolutely delicious, plus perfect weather and awesome colleagues. Personally as an intern, I was so happy that we had this event. One evening that brings everyone closer to each other. So we start sharing and be more caring :)

And me? One small thing, I am no longer so stressed talking to Mykola the sales manager anymore, turns out he does make a lot of jokes, and he’s not really scary that we thought he was. Haha.

Sasha, the lady in leather jacket, turned our office into super cool party room :D
Marian, who is leading the company, was also in charge of grilling meat and sausages :D

In terms of my own development, being in a small company allows me to have much more space to learn and develop my professional skills, but it also comes with much greater responsibility for my work. It has been such a journey for me to understand more about the company: our values, our close-knit team member relationship, the working habits and the services we offer. Having learned a lot from our CEO and my inspiring colleagues during 2 months here, I really believe that EASYCORE is a great great place for anyone who wants to work in a dynamic environment. Because it’s not only about the work, it’s also about the people you will be with.

And I am super looking forward to new month May with more tasks, more challenges and of course more team buildings ! :D

And can you spot the Asian intern standing in the middle? ME!! :D


Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

Trang Vuong Yen

Written by

Sales and Marketing Intern in EASYCORE, Czech Republic



Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

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