RealPad trusted by Home Deluxe Developer.

May 26, 2016 · 2 min read

Recently, Home Deluxe, a residential developer in the Czech Republic has selected RealPad as their technology partner. How do the Managing Director from Home Deluxe and our CEO think about this opportunity?

We are happy to announce that recently another residential developer in Prague has selected RealPad as their technology partner. RealPad will serve as a critical system automating whole sales activities involving all the leads, contacts, agreements, reclaims, handovers and payments. Besides, RealPad team will leverage from flexibility of their platform and customize it to meet customer’s individual requirements. RealPad is expected to boost sales of projects in Ovenecka 13, Lyčkovo náměstí 8 , Slavíkova 18, and U Průhonu 11 with 90 units.

“I find Home Deluxe’s strategy of remodelling historical buildings considerate of Prague’s charm and sustainable from business point. We are proud to receive trust from Home Deluxe and take it as a commitment to make them one of our satisfied customers. Our goal is to help them get rid of boring administration and focus on their business and customers. “ says Marian Skvarek, CEO of RealPad.

Image for post
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Lyčkovo náměstí 8, one beautiful residential project from Home Deluxe in the centre of Prague.

“ We were recommended by Sekyra Group Developer to choose RealPad to synchronize our sales administration system. The whole process becomes very transparent and our sales admins save up 30% of their time. We used to have some conflicts in time scheduling for apartment viewing but now it’s all solved with RealPad. “ says Vitezslava Rytirova, Managing Director of Home Deluxe Developer.


Helping real estate developers boost their sales.

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