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Welcome New Kid on The Block !

To keep up with the growth here in RealPad, it is such a pleasure to welcome new members to the team. Hereby we are introducing you Michal Kejzlar, who is in charge of product design starting from February, 2016. Let’s follow his story to get to know more about our new talent…

Michal has about 8 years of experiences in the IT field. He spent 4 years working on Java Development and 3 years on Android Development, and then 2 years designing mobile applications. Talking about his expertise, Michal said “ I was working as IT administrator but I knew already at that time that the job wasn’t for me. That’s why I started with Java and Android. After few month of late nights coding, I finally was able to produce something more than a just sample application.” He continued “I have always wanted to create something which can be seen easily by the whole world and Android development has allowed me that. I slowly became a part of the designing process and creating a mobile application from scratch. I love crafting user interfaces so the finished application can allow users to hit their goals in just few steps.”

Joining RealPad team with high interest

Michal moved to realPad team from custom mobile development. Working on custom tailored apps has taught him a lot but it also had some restrictions and guidelines to the work. “Working on RealPad allows me to really listen to people, their problems and match these problems to solutions using software”, said Michal.

When being asked about his motivation to join Realpad, he answered “RealPad is very matured product and it’s covering many aspects of sales process for real estate developers. But it lacks user engagement — that one click of a button which helps them to solve their hassles on daily basis. That is my job to solve”

Normal life of an IT guy

People usually wonder what IT guys often do in their free times. Michal said he loved sports. He played tennis for 7 years, and remains it as a weekend hobby until now. Besides, he loves to ski and sometimes he takes his kite out for snow-kiting during winter. Michal loves sweets, and just like every one, he definitely enjoys few glasses of wine on weekend!



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