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Microtick Staking Guide with Keplr Wallet

What is Microtick?

The Microtick project is a new mechanism for decentralized price discovery and trading. Its vision is to create a trading system more suited for blockchain usage where blocks come at discrete, relatively infrequent, and sometimes unpredictable times, and then build upon that vision to create a new trading paradigm that not only works better on, but promotes decentralized trading over the legacy centralized paradigm.

Microtick distinguishes itself from general trading platforms with 3 features:

  • Decoupled price discovery in separate, self-contained Schelling point consensus price markets.
  • A short-term micro-option product used to hedge consensus price volatility using the native on-chain backing token.
  • Token futures used to trade tokenized assets using decoupled consensus prices, backed by tokens transferred on-chain through the Cosmos IBC protocol.

Staking TICK

To stake TICK we will be using the https://microtick.ezstaking.io/ web interface. Connect your Keplr wallet and click on “Validators” on the left side of the menu.

Currently, Tick is available for trading only on the Osmosi DEX

Select a validator and click on “Stake”. Enter the amount you wish to stake and click on “Next”. Select “Send” on the following pop-up window and approve the transaction.

It’s recommended to do your own research before choosing a validator.

Congratulations, you have successfully staked your TICK tokens.

When staking, your funds will be locked for 21 days and in the unbounding process, you will not be receiving rewards.


If we select our “Portfolio” we will see our staked amount and the rewards accumulated. These rewards can be restaked for a compounding effect, or depending on your preferences, something else.

If you have any questions, looking for alternatives to delegate, or just want to chat, you can contact us on the following channels:

Website: https://www.easy2stake.com/
E-mail: contact@easy2stake.com
Telegram: https://t.me/easy2stake
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Easy2Stake
Blog: https://medium.com/easy2stake



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