Stars Staking with Keplr Wallet

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2 min readApr 5, 2022


What is Stargaze?

Stargaze is a proof of stake (POS) blockhain, decentralized and community-owned Interchain NFT marketplace, built on the Cosmos SDK. It is one of the first NFT markets to launch in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Staking Stars

Head over to and select the Stargaze chain on the left side of the menu. If you are in need of a Kepler wallet installation guide, you can check our Cosmos staking guide here.

Currently, STARS is available for purchase only on the Osmosis DEX.

Select a validator that suits your preferences and click on “Manage”, on the pop-up window click on “Delegate”. Enter the amount you wish to stake on the following window and select “Delegate”, and click on “Approve”. You can also participate in the governance voting proposals in the “Governance” section.

It’s recommended to do your own research before choosing a validator.

When staking, your funds will be locked for 14 days and in the unbounding process, you will not be receiving rewards. If you desire, you can redelegate to another validator, the process is instant and doesn’t require any waiting period.

Leave some spare Stars in your wallet to cover transaction fees.


We will see in the Keplr wallet browser extension the amount we have staked and also the rewards accumulated. Rewards are automatically distributed and can be delegated to increase our staking size or something else, depending on your preferences.

Remember that claiming rewards incurs transaction fees.

If you have any questions, looking for alternatives to delegate, or just want to chat, you can contact us on the following channels:





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