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EasyBlock Strong Smart Contract Update

Nearly a month ago, we released our first expansion for Phoenix Community Capital. The EasyBlock Fire smart contract came with two important new features: auto-compounding and referrals. We promised that if there is demand for the new features we will be bringing them to EasyBlock Strong as well. 75% of EB Fire shareholders are auto-compounding and there have been several requests in our Discord for the feature. So it is time for us to bring those features with an additional improvement to the sell-share feature.


After you buy shares you will be able to turn on auto compounding and when you do your share count will increase in every reward distribution.


I want to again clarify that when I first launched EasyBlock I stayed away from a referral system as so many scam projects were using it to collect money. However, not having a referral system was also preventing people from not getting rewarded for their efforts. After you buy your first share you will have a referral link on the website. 1% of the purchases made with your link will directly be deposited into your wallet in $USDC. This reward will be coming from EasyBlock fees so nobody will be losing rewards because of referrals.

Sell Share Feature Updates

When we first implemented the sell share feature as an experimental function, in order to better control it we put a limit on how many shares can be sold at the maximum.

But as there is more demand for the feature than we anticipated, we decided to remove that limit. With the new smart contract, when somebody purchases new shares that money will immediately be able to available for people who want to sell their shares. The 40% fee imposed on selling shares will still be in effect.

Fee Changes

As explained in the EasyBlock Fire expansion post, Easyblock started as a side project as I wanted to add value to the DeFi ecosystem. But it grew much more than my expectations and now it is a full-time project for both me and Fatih. So with the smart contract update, a 10% fee for the new share purchases will be applied to EasyBlock Strong.

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