EasyPHP Devserver 15.10 alpha 1 in action

A first look a the brand new version of EasyPHP Devserver. We rewrote the entire code.

The launcher

Start “run-easyphp-devserver.exe” in the installation and you will find the launcher in the System Tray. Right or left click and click “Open Dashboard”.

Launcher in the System Tray

The dashboard

That’s how the new dashboard looks like.


Note : this is an alpha version, so a lot of things are missing.

Settings: PHP

All PHP versions installed are automatically listed. For each version you directly view the configuration file, edit it…

PHP Versions and Configuration Files

… or open the PHP folder in you file explorer.

PHP Versions and PHP Folders

Settings: HTTP servers

All HTTP server installed are automatically listed.

HTTP servers

Select a server and its settings page will show off.

Choose a PHP version, a port number among available ports and start the server. You can, as well, open the document root and the server root in your file explorer.

Nginx + PHP 7

Once started, you can open your local HTTP server (typically:

Nginx + PHP 7

If a server is running, you need to stop it if you want to use another one.

Running Server Alert

You have access to the shortcuts on the dashboard.

Administration Page

Click on “Exit” and all servers and applications will close.

Launcher — Exit