PHP 7.0.5 x86 and x64 for Devserver 16.1.x

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EasyPHP Devserver is a ready-to-use development environment with PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, MySQL, PhpMyAdmin, Apache, Nginx, modules (Virtual Hosts manager, Xdebug manager, Codiad IDE Editor, Webgring, PHP Code Sniffer…), tools and more…


PHP 7.0.5 x64 and EasyPHP Devserver 16.1.1

PHP 7.0.5 changelog


31 Mar 2016


  • Huge pages disabled by default.
  • Added ability to enable huge pages in Zend Memory Manager through the environment variable USE_ZEND_ALLOC_HUGE_PAGES=1.
  • Fixed bug #71756 (Call-by-reference widens scope to uninvolved functions when used in switch).
  • Fixed bug #71729 (Possible crash in zend_bin_strtod, zend_oct_strtod, zend_hex_strtod).
  • Fixed bug #71695 (Global variables are reserved before execution).
  • Fixed bug #71629 (Out-of-bounds access in php_url_decode in context php_stream_url_wrap_rfc2397).
  • Fixed bug #71622 (Strings used in pass-as-reference cannot be used to invoke C::$callable()).
  • Fixed bug #71596 (Segmentation fault on ZTS with date function (setlocale)).
  • Fixed bug #71535 (Integer overflow in zend_mm_alloc_heap()).
  • Fixed bug #71470 (Leaked 1 hashtable iterators).
  • Fixed bug #71575 (ISO C does not allow extra ‘;’ outside of a function).
  • Fixed bug #71724 (yield from does not count EOLs).
  • Fixed bug #71767 (ReflectionMethod::getDocComment returns the wrong comment).
  • Fixed bug #71806 (php_strip_whitespace() fails on some numerical values).
  • Fixed bug #71624 (`php -R` (PHP_MODE_PROCESS_STDIN) is broken).

CLI Server:

  • Fixed bug #69953 (Support MKCALENDAR request method).


  • Fixed bug #71694 (Support constant CURLM_ADDED_ALREADY).


  • Fixed bug #71635 (DatePeriod::getEndDate segfault).


  • Fixed bug #71527 (Buffer over-write in finfo_open with malformed magic file).


  • Fixed bug #71536 (Access Violation crashes php-cgi.exe).


  • Fixed bug #71906 (AddressSanitizer: negative-size-param (-1) in mbfl_strcut).


  • Fixed bug #47803, #69526 (Executing prepared statements is succesfull only for the first two statements).


  • Fixed bug #71659 (segmentation fault in pcre running twig tests).


  • Fixed bug #54648 (PDO::MSSQL forces format of datetime fields).


  • Fixed bug #71625 (Crash in php7.dll with bad phar filename).
  • Fixed bug #71317 (PharData fails to open specific file).
  • Fixed bug #71860 (Invalid memory write in phar on filename with \0 in name).


  • Fixed crash when advancing (except step) inside an internal function.


  • Fixed bug #71683 (Null pointer dereference in zend_hash_str_find_bucket).


  • Fixed bug #71704 (php_snmp_error() Format String Vulnerability).


  • Fixed bug #71617 (private properties lost when unserializing ArrayObject).


  • Fixed bug #71660 (array_column behaves incorrectly after foreach by reference).
  • Fixed bug #71798 (Integer Overflow in php_raw_url_encode).


  • Update bundled libzip to 1.1.2.

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CODE & HOST : develop with Devserver and setup your own hosting server with Webserver. EasyPHP is a WAMP package since 1999.

EasyPHP Newsletter

🗂️ EasyPHP Devserver & Webserver | Newsletter (articles, components, modules, versions…)

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