Android Dev Summit Recap: What’s new in Android Studio 3.6+ or 4.0+?

Ahmad Arif Faizin
Oct 25 · 4 min read

This is the recap from the event Android Dev Summit that held from 24–25 October 2019 in the US. And the good information, We also can watch the live streaming in the below link.

And in this story, I will share with you the recap for the session “What’s new in Android Studio”. Check it out...

Build Speed Detail

Breakdown the process build time in detail neither native or plugin.

Preview Compose

Preview from the new modern UI toolkit, Jetpack Compose.

Change View

Switch between Text, Compose, dan Design faster via Toolbar.

Layout Inspector

Inspect the detail of layout that running live, amazingly we can click the detail where the data come from

Besides that, we also can show the layout in 3D. Wow!

Motion Editor

Create animation/ motion in MotionLayout easily. You only need to define the start and end page.

Vector Asset Style

You can choose style Filled, Outline, Round, Sharp, Two Tone.

Log with Parameter

You can use logm to create log about the method with parameter

Multiple Display Emulator

We can split different size of emulator in one place

Route Testing in Emulator

You can test the process of routing and move from one place to another place like in Google Maps.

Layout Editor Improvement

Now, IDE can render library directly in the preview

New Fragment Wizard & fragment template

Additional selection template when creating the fragment

Dual ARM support in Emulator

Run armeaby-v7a & x86 ABIs with one system image.

Chrome OS Support

Full support Android Studio for Chrome OS

Performance improvement

Faster build time than before that always grows up.


That’s the summary of what will be new in Android Studio, I can’t wait for it in the release.

If You want to try the feature, You can download the canary version to get the latest tool

If You want to watch this session in full version, You can watch it in this video

Thanks, if you feel this is useful, just clap this story more and more. I will be happy :)

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Easy read, easy understanding. A good writing is a writing that can be understood in easy ways

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Easy read, easy understanding. A good writing is a writing that can be understood in easy ways

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