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Can I learn programming instantly? All you need is “Motivation”

Nadya Aditama
Jan 22 · 6 min read
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If you’re newbie in programming, you’re in the right place. Are you excited in programming? If yes then I’ll give you some recipe for you to learn programming.

All you need to know is programming isn’t scary at all. If you love to play logic games I think this is suit for you. Nowadays, lots of the company need programmer position with the high salary. So, programming is beneficial for your career. What if I’m not good at thinking logically? Don’t worry, as long as you have the strong will you can.

Okay, what are we waiting for? This is the starter pack that you need to learn programming.

Break Your Stigma

Play Logic Games

In this course, you will be served by the procedural game like this example

Angry Bird Maze : Code.Org Accelerated Intro to CS Course

In this game, you have to give some instruction to the red bird to move and hit the green pigs. The instruction is limited, so you must think about the effective move. Not only this game, but also there are lots of game that you can complete in this course. After complete the games you can get the certificate of completion. Interesting right?

Recently, I just found the interesting animation in TED-ed. This is such a great innovation, you can learn the programmer problem solving with the fun and challenging way.

So there’s a girl (I don’t know it’s a girl or a boy) who want to escape from the prison with the robot assistant. She can control the robot to solve the problem. And this is the challenge, you have to help her to control the robot with some procedures. The problem will be showed in the video so you have to pause it. They will give us some hint as well and teach us some programming basic syntax. Oh, don’t worry, they will give us the solution.

I’m just watch first episode but I think I want to watch it more. Maybe I want to review this later on my next post.

Learn Algorithm

Before you start to make algorithm, make sure you know the programming “vocabulary” like

  1. Variables
  2. Data Type (Integer, String, etc)
  3. Conditions (if… then, case of)
  4. Looping (for, while, repeat…until)

This vocabulary will be explain in my next post.

In Algorithm, you will learn about flowchart and pseudocode first to explain your procedures.

Flowchart is the diagram that represent about how the process, the procedure, or the conditions. This is the little example about the flowchart with the case is about the lamp condition and what should we do about this case.

Flowchart For Kids by Kiddle Encyclopedia

You can see the shape has the meaning of it, so in flowchart you can’t just choose the shape by your own. If you want to understand flowchart you can visit this link.

Pseudocode is how you write algorithm programmatically that can be understand by the people. It’s like you code in the paper with human language. This is the example of pseudocode about how to find the largest among three numbers.


If you want to know much more about pseudocode and algorithm, you can go to this link.

Learn Math

But Math depends of what you need. If you want to learn programming for make websites or apps, I think math isn’t really important. But if you want to learn programming for data analyst and artificial intelligence, complex-math is the main course for you.

Choose Your Programming Language

There are lots of programming language you can choose, but I suggest you learning pascal first, the traditional programming language to imply and learn some basic algorithm logic. But I think many programmers in this century doesn’t use this programming language anymore, so I think you should choose C++ or python.

If you want to learn the programming language, you can go to codecademy.

Codecademy C++

In codecademy, you can learn some programming language and practice it. You can see the output of your program that you type in there. Also, in the course, you will get the little quiz to test your ability.

After you’re mastering your programming language, you can also practice your programming problem solving skill in Hackerrank.


In Hackerrank, you will be given some problem set that you’ve to solve with your programming language. Each problem has the difficulty level. You can run your program and see the output. The system will check your program with the custom inputs and the outputs. You should try it.

Explore Every Single Computer Science Field

You can also seek your career as well. I suggest you going to these sites if you want to explore the field.

Well that’s all that I can share for you. If you’re interested about programming, you can try this starter pack. Remember this.

Programming isn’t scary at all, It’s your mindset that tell you that. Let’s have fun with programming.

If you want to share you experience about programming, you can comment. Share this to your friends. Thanks a lot. Have a nice code.


Easy read, easy understanding. A good writing is a writing that can be understood in easy ways

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Easy read, easy understanding. A good writing is a writing that can be understood in easy ways

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