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Top 10 Useful Websites for Java Developers

Java is the most basic yet one of the most complex coding languages you can find. Am I right?

Well! If you’re a Java developer, you’re bound to hit a roadblock, no matter how experienced you are. And that’s exactly why you should know about certain resources that can help you in a crisis.

Also, if you’re a newbie, and you wish to learn more about the most deeply embedded programming language in the world, then you’ve come to the right place.

According to IDC’s latest report “Java Turns 25”, over nine million developers, representing 69% of full-time developers worldwide, use Java — more than any other language. The percentage of young coders under the age of 18 is also growing. Most learn from blogs and videos. Over 60% of programmers learn how to code from online platforms. (TechSurvey2021)

To help you better navigate your interest in Java, we’ve crafted a list of ‘Ten Most Useful Websites For a Java Developer’, which are as follows.

Ten Most Useful Websites For a Java Developer

I. Stack Overflow

Website: https://stackoverflow.com/

It is one of the go-to websites you can use as a developer. In fact, it serves over 100 million Java developers every month. This makes it one of the most popular websites in the world, let alone for Java developers. In fact, most of the developer community interacts using this platform only.

Not sure what Stack Overflow is?

Well, think of it as the ‘Quora’ for the development community. Its public Q&A platform sees over 100 million visits from Java developers seeking to learn, share technical knowledge and ask questions. It has a large database of questions asked and answered. Four questions are posted to Stack Overflow every minute!

It is also a platform where Java developers can learn to code from the large collection of code examples available. This makes it the perfect knowledge ground for Java developers looking to learn, and for answers to simple and complex questions alike.

“80% of developers say that when they get stuck on a coding challenge, they head to Stack Overflow”

80%of developers and technologists visit Stack Overflow at least a few times each week

It is also a useful space for Java developers to stay up to date with the latest developments in coding technology. Stack Overflow runs a blog that publishes articles and white papers on specific developments in the world of Java and coding in general.

The Stack Overflow Podcast is another useful database of knowledge for Java developers. It consists of frank conversations with professionals from the coding industry. It is a great platform to learn some useful practical knowledge. The podcast focuses on useful tips and tricks for Java developers to improve efficiency, understand professional standards, and learn from the experiences of those at the forefront of the industry.

Stack Overflow also provides platforms for teams to use privately. In Stack Overflow For Teams, Java developers and technologists can privately share knowledge. The website is also a hunting ground for companies in need of talented Java developers.

II. Java SE Downloader

Website: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/downloads/

The starting point for anybody interested in learning and developing Java Script. This is the platform from which you can download the Java environment files. Go to the Java SE Downloads page, from where you can fetch the latest version of Java Open SDK.

If you’re wondering about the latest build, then Java 17 and Java 18 have recently been released. They are free to use and free to distribute.

The website also explains the version of Java best suited to your needs, together with instructions on installation, bugs, compatibility and system requirements.

It also hosts the Java Runtime Environment, which allows you to run applications in the Java programming language. You can download it here. To learn more about the installation process, check out this useful information from Oracle.

III. Oracle Java Community

Website: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/community-glance.html

Java is a product of Oracle, and thus, they provide all the support they can for the community. They are present in the forms of concentrated groups or available on social platforms such as Twitter.

Oracle offers two blogs to Java developers. On one, you can learn about the latest developments in technology and Java-related products. On the other, you can keep up to date with news for the Java community, directly from the developer team at Oracle!

Oracle also runs the OpenJDK, a space where Java developers can learn and collaborate on the open-source Java Platform. The Open JDK is an excellent source of classes on subjects that are fundamental to the understanding and learning of the Java language.

It is an excellent repository of classes on Java fundamentals, such as String, Enum, Boolean, Character and Math. In addition to this, the OpenJDK platform hosts classes for Java developers on simple and complex programming tasks.

It also hosts a series of projects on which you can collaborate and learn from open-source Java programmers from around the world. So no matter what your level, the Open JDK is an excellent platform to learn Java Language.

The Oracle Java Community also has a bug database. It can be searched to see if a bug you’ve found has been reported or fixed.

Oracle also runs community engagement Twitter accounts for Java developers. One provides technical and roadmap updates on the Open JDK. The other is for the Java community and is an excellent space to connect, interact and learn from other Java developers.

To get the details about the Java SE community, you can refer to this website and join as per your liking.

IV. GitHub

Website: https://github.com/

GitHub is the largest source code host in the world. Owned by Microsoft, it hosts open-source projects. It provides such source code management and version control through Git, a software designed to track changes made to any file. Github has all the functionality of Git, which makes it an important asset for any Java developer.

If you’re collaborating on a Java programming project, then GitHub can help ensure that any changes to your source code can be tracked and managed. This promotes speedy programming. It also allows for non-linear structures in source code development. Most importantly, it promotes and ensures data integrity.

Github is also useful for Java programmers because it collaborates with others to provide services like bug tracking and task management.

It is a very interactive platform and allows users to create feeds, have followers, and see collaboration graphs. It also hosts wikis (named Gollum) for every project and offers code snippets for small projects under Gist.

V. Online Java Compiler

Website: https://www.interviewbit.com/online-java-compiler/

As you know, a compiler converts your Java source code into a binary language that a computer can understand. It’s not always possible to get hold of a machine ready to run your Java code, so a reliable online Java compiler is extremely necessary.

Interview Bits Java Compiler is a real catch, for it is online and it gives you execution functionality.

It comes with a code editor, a custom input panel, and an output panel. Moreover, it also contains Java guides. You can write a 500-character code without even signing up for this free compiler. And once you do signup, you can write 5000-character codes for free!

You can also save your code online, and access them easily at any point in time.

The InterviewBits compiler hosts an easy to understand introduction to the Java language itself and explains key components and processes that make up learning and developing code using the Java language.

InterviewBits also hosts an excellent fast track course in Java and JavaScript. Furthermore, it hosts a blog with useful information on general industry trends and specific developments in the world of Java programming.

Look them up here.

VI. Java.com Academy

Website: https://www.java.com/en/about/oracleacademy.jsp

The Java academy is hosted by Oracle and is an excellent platform for Java developers to learn and hone their skills with the Java language.

This academy boasts 1.5 million students in 95 countries worldwide and hosts tutorial courses for basic computing to advance Java. If you’re new to the field and want to learn from scratch, this is one of the best places to turn.

The Java Academy offers a 90-hour course in Java Foundations, and further 90 hour course on Java Fundamentals and Java Programming. For those with advanced Java development and programming skills, they also offer a 40-hour course in Artificial Learning with Machine Learning in Java.

Consisting of workshops, study curricula and certificate exams, the Java academy provides hands-on learning to its students. It is also an excellent way to develop your collaborative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The courses in Foundations and Fundamentals are available in eight languages (!), while the advanced courses are available in English. The Java academy forms part of Oracle’s network of academies that teach other Java industry-relevant subjects, including Cloud Infrastructure, and Project Management Fundamentals.

VII. Dzone

Website: https://dzone.com/

If you’re into learning new things daily, then this is an excellent website for you. It hosts many technical and scholarly articles on software development and IT operations. The information is presented in the form of tutorials and blog posts.

They have a dedicated section for Java enthusiasts and developers. Here, you can stay updated on the latest developments in Java, and any updates in its features. It is also an excellent platform for general education on the subject of Java.

They also host long-form articles and publications from established software professionals. These publications are very useful for nascent Java developers. They can act as introductory tutorials on a variety of Java-related subjects. I cannot recommend these enough! Look them up here!

It is also useful for those seeking to stay up-to-date with peripheral but incidental developments in software and IT that are useful to Java developers.

VIII. Javapedia

Website: https://www.javapedia.net/

Designed for Java students and Java developers alike, this website is an excellent source of technical questions on Java. It is especially useful for those preparing for interviews. If you know someone like that, don’t forget to share this resource with them!

Javapedia hosts one of the largest collections of interview questions on Java, and subjects related to it. This includes building automation tools like Apache Maven, unit testing frameworks like JUnit, testing tools like Tosca and other infrastructural framework tools useful to Java developers.

The answers to questions are precise and well presented. They are full of practical examples and written in clear language. You can follow Javapedia on Twitter too!

IX. The Server-Side

Website: https://www.theserverside.com/

If you’re one step further to becoming an elite or pro in Java but lack some complex execution ideas, then The Server Side will come to your rescue. The Server Side is a community-driven blog promoting the enterprising use of Java.

It is different from what most blogs do, as it’s made up of a community of experienced Java users. This is useful to those who wish to learn about Java-related processes and technologies and learn from contributing members about DevOps and design patterns.

The website hosts a wealth of white papers on subjects related to Java, Java driven software projects, project management and Java-driven enterprise. The sources of these white papers are some of the leading innovators and established titans of technology.

But there is something for beginners too. It is a great resource for definitions and hosts a healthy collection of tutorials for beginners and intermediaries.

The Server Side has high-quality editorial content. It helps nurture the spirit of research and is also a useful platform for companies looking to improve efficiency through better systems.

X. Java Ranch

Website: https://javaranch.com/

It is one of the most fun websites you’d come across on this list! Starting from its unique design to its content, everything speaks about one thing: Learning Java. Yes! It’s a tutorial platform that can help you educate yourself about Java using interactive methods on the simplest of interfaces.

You’ll find games and other interactive platforms that can help you learn in an unconventional and fun way. Consider Java without immediately seeing a green and black code format on a white background. It’s ideal for children interested in coding and for adults who want to enhance their knowledge but have trouble with traditional learning platforms.

Join their Java forums at their friendly neighbourhood Big Moose Saloon. The Java Ranch hosts articles on Java, which are clearly presented and labelled on the basis of type. Categories include “Beginning Java”, “Java in General”, “Internet Protocols”, etc.


Java has quite a wide scope when choosing it as a career option. The reason is that despite it being traditional, it’s one of the most widely used and deeply embedded languages of our time.

The Java programming language allows programmers to write once, and then run their code anywhere. Laptops, data stations, gaming consoles, supercomputers: Java runs across all platforms. It is also open-source, meaning that anybody can learn it for free!

Java relates directly or indirectly to most software development projects in the world! Used globally, Java is one of the most valuable coding languages of our time.

So, if you’re starting your journey into Java development, there are a few websites that you should keep handy. We’ve mentioned many of them here, and everything is discussed here in the list, from the online java compiler to the best tutorial platforms.

These are the top ten resources to use while pursuing your interest in Java.

If you agree with the list, please feel free to share it among peers, and if you have any suggestions, the comment box is always open for that.




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