7 Awesome Android Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

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It’s no secret that apps are changing the way we live. I have a friend that has over 100 on her phone. She swears she uses them all, but I doubt it. That’s the problem with apps. There are so many choices, it’s hard to find something new that you’ll want to use and keep.

Beyond Facebook

Everyone uses Facebook, Amazon, Piggy, and Pocket. You’ve never heard of Piggy or Pocket have you? That’s my point. There are thousands of apps that innovative developers have built that make your Android device more useful and fun.

To save you time, I created a list of clever new apps. It’s not scientific, it’s based on new apps my friends have tried, personal use, user reviews and pure awesomeness.

These 7 Android apps will help you get more out of your phone or tablet and do things you didn’t even know were possible. Read on and become an Android expert, and feel free to add your own suggestions below.

1) Become a coupon pro with Piggy

Get coupons automatically with Piggy

Shop your favorite stores in your phone or tablet’s browser, and Piggy will automatically search for coupon codes and cashback whenever you’re checking out. Just click the Piggy button and it will scour the internet for legitimate coupon codes and apply them to your shopping cart. No matter what, you’re always earning cashback. It’s free, it’s easy and it saves you money!

Download Piggy here

2) Always have something to read with Pocket

Pocket is an easy way to save any article and read it later, and works on both Chrome and Android. If you come across any article or website and don’t have time to read it then, save it to Pocket and you can pull it from the queue and read it at any time from any device.

Download Pocket here

3) Never get left out in the rain with 1Weather

1Weather is arguably the best weather app out there. It has a very simple, paginated design that shows you the current weather and forecasts up to 12 weeks. 1Weather offers two full versions, one that is free and has ads within it. Or you can purchase it for $1.99 with no advertising. The fun fact about 1Weather is they offer fun facts about weather that are sure to keep you entertained indefinitely.

Download 1Weather here

4) Google Drive Suite — the complete storage solution

Google Drive is a cloud storage solution essential available on Android. All new users will get 15GB of storage 100% Free indefinitely. The best part of this is you are also able to acquire what Microsoft charges a premium for through GSuite entirely free. This includes Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Photos, Gmail, Calendar, and Keep. Between the office and photo apps, which by the way allow unlimited amounts of photo and video backup, you have an app to serve a use for practically anything.

Download Drive Suite here

5) Get a personal assistant with Google Now

And an intelligent one, at that. Just say the magic words “Okay Google” to get answers to your questions, make recommendations, and do just about anything and everything by making requests to various web services. Sync it to your Google Account to be able to pull up your schedule and notes in an instant, among many other actions; it also largely works hand in hand with Google Search so the repeated actions you perform are utilized to your advantage.

Download Google Now here

6) Don’t lose track of passwords with LastPass

Even if you have photographic memory or a systematic way of safekeeping your passwords, LastPass will change your life. It’s an awesome digital vault that takes its job of safeguarding all your online accounts seriously. Create a free account and secure it with a strong master password — your last password ever! Fill your vault with all your fave sites, save new sites automatically, and never be bothered with taking note of new passwords ever again.

Download Last Pass here

7) The best app for getting things done Wunderlist

This app surely lives up to the promise of its name, with its very user-friendly interface that packs in heroic features — from the digital notepad, alarms, and reminders, to the folders section and messaging function. You’ll be so excited to get your schedule, plans, goals, and lists in order because Wunderlist is so handy, you can access it anytime, anywhere on your mobile device or computer, and allows you to share your lists with anyone and work collaboratively with them.

Download Wunderlist here

We bet you won’t be able to put your Android device down after getting a hold of these apps… and we really can’t blame you. Enjoy!