How to Save Money Like a Millionaire

Pour yourself a tall glass of organic cucumber infused water and learn how to save money, like a millionaire.

Like a Millionaire

Being rich isn’t everything, but it certainly beats being poor. Being rich doesn’t make you happier, but it beats being broke and won’t make you sad either. Saving like a millionaire is a state of mind that translates into real world gains. Use these three easy tips to make simple changes in your life and start saving more money.

#1) Never Overpay

Make sure you get the best deal.

As the rich like to say, “You can’t put a price on good help”, but in this case you can, and the price is FREE.

Piggy automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you’re checking out online. The chrome browser extension finds and automatically applies the best coupon codes at checkout, so you never miss a discount. It’s the fool proof way to never overpay.

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#2) Invest in Something You Use

Take a quick look around your house or office and look for themes in the things you use everyday. For example, if you own an iPhone and you recently bought an album on iTunes and you use a Mac for work, buy some Apple stock.

The hardest part about owning stocks is not convincing yourself you’re actually the next wall street wunderkind. You’re not the next wall street wunderkind. Buy it and forget about it, and do not under any circumstances watch the Wolf of Wall Street.

3) Keep You Monthly Expenses in Check

Managing all your monthly subscriptions (gym<->netflix) is a full time job for the personal assistant you would have if you were already a millionaire. Truebill scans your statements to find all your subscriptions, organizes them into a simple report, and lets you cancel them with one click. TrueBill is free, unlike a personal assistant.

Download Truebill Here